It is the stinkin’ last day of November!

How did this happen? Wasn’t it just Jan 1, 2012 a couple months ago?

So, in honor of the last day of the 11th month of the year 2012, I think A List is in order. Even better…A List of Randomness. *aka I really have nothing to say so I will make it up as I go along*

1) As I’m typing this I’m watching _ _ _ _. Fill in the blank correctly and win my love and admiration for paying attention to my sad, little obsession.

2) I’m wearing my glasses right now and when I lower my chin and look at the the Christmas Tree…built-in bokeh! Don’t know what bokeh is? Here is a definition.

3) I’m currently obsessed with Wikipedia. I don’t believe a word I read, but obsessed I remain.

4) My Man has been gone all week. In Atlantic City on *air quotes* business *end air quotes*. No, really he is. He is currently on 395S, sitting in traffic, trying to get home to his beloved. (that would be Jack Bodacious)

5) I finally got the living room cleaned out and pretty much finished decorating. The dining room is next, assuming I can get into it. Will work on that tomorrow after I spend a few hours at the office. After spending 90 minutes at the gym. After making a run to The Walmarts. Busy day planned tomorrow. It’s Friday!

6) I can’t hang our stockings on the chimney with care because I’m using the fireplace every day. And they would catch on fire. Which would sort of put a damper on Christmas this year. Although, I do recall I recently suggested to my mother that I was going to just haul everything out front and burn it and start over. She, wisely, suggested I do not do it. So I’m purging and organizing instead. So much less dramatic.

7) Is it just me or are the Christmas commercials this year particularly awful? Every time that stupid K-mart commercial comes on with the lights song, I turn the channel. And also the K-mart layaway commercial. Ugh.

8) What have y’all asked Santa for Christmas? I asked for a juicer. Yep. And slippers. Before you shake your head…I have a specific juicer and specific slippers I want. So I sent Russell Santa the link for each item so he wouldn’t mess it up it would be easier for him. I’m considerate like that.

9) I am completely freaking out because my oldest baby is graduating from college next week. Next week. How is this possible? Even being a child bride, this makes me, well…pretty mature. Saturday My Man and I are going to gut his basement room and hose it down and clean the carpet. Fits right in with my need to purge and organize frame of mind.

10) Okay, My Man is home. Gotta dash. Thanks for being along for the ride this month.

Love you guys. Chat soon!

2 thoughts on “It is the stinkin’ last day of November!

  1. How the Hell do you even know the word “bokeh”? (Thank you for adding the definition for those of us who do not possess your amazing vocabulary!)

    Is there anyone who knows you who cannot fill in the blank? (Especially me since I share your obsession?)

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