Thank goodness that’s over.

Thanks, everyone for all of the sweet comments. Deciding to title my blogs alphabetically in November was really the outcome of trying to figure out a way to come up with something to write about each day. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and I think it really gave me an opportunity to think through a writing idea, and not always from start to finish but from a word outward. Most bloggers have a writing scheduling; they plan their blogs days or weeks ahead. I’m not that disciplined. I wing it every day. Can’t say it always works for me, but I think my writing voice is, for now at least, more about what is going on in my life today.

Also, I am apparently obsessed with change. Really, though, I am writing about what is going on in my life and, if you were doing the same, you would see that everything around is changing daily. Nothing profound there. I just put it out there to share with the world; you are just living it.

I have enjoyed writing daily. One of the changes *ahem* I would like to make in 2013 is to write daily. Maybe not blog daily; maybe not ever share what I write, but to begin developing the discipline of writing. God and I have been discussing a couple of book ideas. One that He put on my heart I am really, really apprehensive about. The time isn’t right yet, but I am starting to think about the research I will be doing and people I will need to involve. Scary and exciting at the same time.

I would also appreciate your suggestions on what I should write about here on This Girl. Comment, email or facebook me with your thoughts. One suggestion I loved was to add more photography to my posts. I actually do take a lot of pictures and I hope to develop *get it…pictures…develop…ar ar* my photog skills in 2013.

You have all been  so kind and supportive this month. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I hope you will stick around for the long haul.

By the way, this is my living room view this morning. I’m totally ignoring it and heading to Chick-fil-a shortly to meet with The Girls. Just keeping it real.

Love you guys. Chat soon!

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