A short list of thankfuls.

So very thankful…

…that I could hug my children, those of my womb and of my heart, all weekend long. Praying for those who no longer can
…for a feisty, funny, full-of-life neighbor who blessed our lives these last 18 years. We miss her so much already and our street seems so empty without her. We love you, Flo and will never forget you

…for my church family who, when I put out the call for help, came running saying, every single one of them, “I will do whatever you need me to do.” And they did, and beyond. To say I am humbled is such an understatement
…that I stuck with a man all of those years ago, instead of filing the signed divorce papers I held in my hand
…my extended family drove for hours for a short, twenty-four hour visit to help us celebrate The Big Boy’s college graduation. We laughed until we cried. And cried because we continue to grieve. And it was wonderful

Love you guys.

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