X-ray Vision.

Again the Lord spoke to Ahaz,  “Ask the Lord your God for a sign, whether in the deepest depths or in the highest heights.” (Isaiah 7:10, 11)

Sometimes I wish I had it. The kind of x-ray vision that sees into people’s thoughts and heart. And the future. And God’s plan.

I cringed as I typed that last part. And laughed as I re-read the first part. Can you imagine? Talk about scary stuff. *speaking strictly from the viewpoint of someone looking into my true thoughts and heart*

I suppose if I really knew God’s plan, it would be very anti-climatic to live life.

I have the next best thing, though, I think. Prayer. There are some things going on lately that have me really, really confused. So I’ve been talking to God a lot about it. Questions… looking for guidance …reassurance …insight.

Years ago, in a moment of desperate need, I told God I really just needed a flashing neon green sign to know what to do. He, surprisingly enough, gave it. In the color green. Oh, I see you wrinkling your nose and poo-pooing it, but, it’s true. It happened; it continues to happen. Not every time I need an answer, but often enough to not be “a coincidence.” The funny part of all of it is that I really do not like the color green. It’s probably my least favorite color. Which makes the appearance of it during prayer or need even more significant.

While it’s not x-ray vision, at least it is a confirmation that I am on the right track, that All is Well. Ask for a sign, y’all. And keep asking.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

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  1. I dunno…asking for a sign is sort of dangerous. You can't pretend you didn't receive it! Peanut Gallery

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