Woe to the busyness.

I am finally feeling less overwhelmed and less stressed. I believe it is because I took some time to pray, reflect, reevaluate, and listen. So here are some things I figured out. Shockingly, I’m thinking a list form is appropriate:

:: My quiet time had really been cut down to a quiet five minutes. It always happens that when I add something(s) new, my quiet time is the first to go. When will I learn that my entire day hinges on starting my day well?

:: Not only have I added the gym to my schedule, but I added it right at the busiest time of the year. I am a morning workout kind of girl. If I don’t workout first thing, it ain’t happening. Getting up early for my quiet time also means starting my coffee consumption first thing. By the time I was getting to the gym, the caffeine had definitely done a number on my body. So *gulp* part of my quiet time ritual will now include no coffee; just water. I know it is healthier, all around, but it will definitely be difficult. Maybe that not so tiny sacrifice will actually impact my quiet time!

:: I really do have a lot of Christmas shopping done. I expect to finish up on schedule by November 30, minus the big Walmart stocking stuffer run which is traditionally done a week or so before Christmas Day by My Man and me. The kicker this year…will she or won’t she actually begin wrapping prior to the day before Christmas? I say she will. Everyone is getting bigger (read pricier) presents this year, which also means everyone is getting less gifts that need to be wrapped.

:: Change up the attitude. I’m just saying no. And if I do say yes to something, I’m letting something else go. As an example, I finally feel that it is time for me to get back on the Praise Team at church. It is something I have always been called to do *we are all called to use our God-given gifts and abilities* and for a time, I participated *aka obeyed* until I was just so stressed out about it I had to step down. The fear factor. It consumed me for a time. I’ll probably be talking about it in future blog posts. So I am obeying and have pulled the 12-string back out and will restring it and start practicing at home and then start practicing with the Praise Team after January 1. But I had to let something else go. At least I thought I did. Now, I’m not so sure. More on that later, also.

:: Focus. My focus is turning more and more to my family. I’ve always been about the family, y’all. Always. But the last few years, which my five regular readers know all about, have been hard on our family. I cherish the moments with them, like never before. Having said that, however, our family’s pain has also enlightened me to the pain of others. I am so much more sensitive to those around me, not in our blood family, but in our life family. I love spending time with them, also.

:: My mom has always talked to me about the general busyness of our family unit. With three children, all active in multiple sports, church, school activities, etc., it has been hard not to be busy. I don’t regret a single minute of it. In fact, I kind of miss that busyness. It was productive busyness. It was time spent with our children and with each other; we still have many wonderful friends from that era; My Man loves, loves, loves being out somewhere and a kid will walk up, stick out his hand and say, “How are you, Mr./Coach Smith?”

Now that I’m reading back through this post a bit, I realize that we are still really busy, but I think it is a different kind of busy. Busy with a purpose; not to please others. Busy being obedient to what we feel our family is being called to; not just to do stuff because we feel guilty. In any case, I know I need to be more selective in what I choose to do and not do. And now that I am tossing around a couple of book ideas…well, imagining how that will impact my busyness is freaking me out. More to come on that, too.

Love you guys. Thank you so much for your encouragement and love. Chat soon.

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