I love words. Yuletide is just a cool. word. It has a Germanic origin. The people on my mom’s side of the family are German-Swiss so I loved the connection there. I googled the word and clicked on the Merriam-Webster link for the definition. It is sad that I got tons more info about Yuletide from Wikipedia. Sign of the times? Speaking of signs…did you read my post from yesterday?

Which has nothing to do with today’s post on Yuletide. At least not that I know of. Yet.

Yuletide…Christmas time…Winter Solstice. All words popping into my brain as I sit on my (fave) blue couch, Christmas Tree lights a-twinkle, fireplace flickering, Christmas music playing, the house to myself for the first time in days. This will be Tuesday’s post, although I am writing it Monday morning. I wanted to capture some thoughts I have before they melt away.

I think I have pretty much established that, while I struggle with change, I am always looking to change me. Maybe a better word would be grow me. Which is what the name of my blog is all about…I’m no longer that girl…I am now this girl and this girl wants to continue growing into this girl every day. Does that make sense?

My Man says I analyze too much. Men are so much more black and white, aren’t they? I’ve been so sad the last 10 days over The Wild Boy and His Princess breaking up. The reason behind the break-up doesn’t matter. I hate seeing them in pain. And somehow *ahem* I found myself talking to both of them about it and that just made me hurt more. My Man, on the other hand was totally, “get over it, Susan, it’s their business.” Um, no…that’s my baby boy and we have come to love His Princess like our own. So I’ve been fretting over it, which, getting back on track, has nothing to do with Yuletide, does it? *You would think and you would be wrong*

Because My Man is right. I need to get out of it. Thus, another part of me that needs to change grow. And the need to grow reminds of Yuletide and Christmas and Winter Solstice because the New Year is just around the corner. It’s not that I’m a fan of New Year’s resolutions, because I’m not; but, January 1 always seems like a good time for me to make some changes; to grow a bit.

More on that later. Of course I am compiling A List.

By the way, stay tuned for Wednesday’s post…it’s a give away. But you will have to answer a question correctly and answer it with a comment on my blog so if you don’t know how to do that…you best figure it out between now and Wednesday.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

One thought on “Yuletide.

  1. I find everything that affects my babies affects me. I am such an empath at heart, I want to take all their pain so they aren't hurting. My sister calls me the golden retriever of the family. When you're sad, or hurting or just not feeling good, I (not literally, but like a golden retriever) will just come and lean against you and let you pet my head while you cry. I've been this way all my life and it's not going to change. Period. Deal with it. And I think our kids will be more compassionate because they see how much we hurt when others do. Don't change….uh…grow. 😀

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