It’s not just an attitude, it’s a nickname.

Mine, to be exact. *I have no idea why anyone would think this was an appropriate nickname for moi*

It’s also a word The Wild Boy uses regularly. Usually describing me, His Princess or my bff, Kristy. It’s probably cheeky and if he wasn’t the third child, aka The Baby, I suppose I wouldn’t let him get away with it. But, I have to say…it cracks me up when he says it. *going for the mother of the year award here*

I’ve been feeling pretty sassy lately. My Man came home this afternoon and I followed him around the house a bit and finally he sat down, looked at me and grinned and said, “okay, let’s do this.” He could tell I was itchin’ to say something and/or start a fight. But he was grinnin’ at me; kinda hard to get sassy at your Man when he is sitting there with a grin on his face saying, “bring it.” So I unloaded a bit on him about some of the stress I’m feeling and then we both laughed about it.

And really, isn’t that a great way to unload some angst? That and a good workout at the gym; which I also did this afternoon. The sassiness eased a bit. I felt better.

But here’s the thing about being Sassy (the woman, not the attitude): it is who I am. It is one of the things My Man was attracted to. For a time, I felt that I should squelch it. In reality, I needed to sweeten it up a bit; smooth it over a tad. Which, I hope, I have been able to do. Truth be told, though, I like the sassy part of me. My Girl has it. I like it in her. I see her trying to tone it down and even hide it. I firmly believe that we are able to change; even our personalities. But, it makes me sad to think someone has led her to believe that her sassiness is a bad thing. Gonna have to talk to her about it.

Sassiness reigns, y’all. Embrace it.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

P.S. Happy Birthday to My Man. He turns 53 today. He has never been more attractive and I have never loved him more. Here he is at 16…The Wild Boy’s age. This is when I first met him and we first went out together.

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