Rough and Ready.

Thanksgiving. It’s this week. Crazy. Where has 2012 gone? For all that I’ve been playing Christmas music since October, the Holiday’s have arrived too quickly. Make time stop!

What better way to celebrate Thanksgiving week than with a list.

1. I am loving the new fireplace. It has glowing embers spilling out from the grate. The logs look real. It warms the entire living room and even the house, if we leave it on long enough. My only complaint is the sound. You can hear it running. And it’s not the snap, crackle and pop a real fireplace makes. But I’m wondering…is there a wood fireplace sound track? Wouldn’t that be awesome? I’m going to check iTunes today for sure.

2. The new couch. *sigh* It’s okay. Actually, I think it’s more the cedar trunk I’m using as a coffee table. Too high so that if we prop our feet up on it, it hyper-extends the knee causing joint pain in these old knees. And whose idea was it to get a dark color that shows every. single. dog and cat hair?

3. Thankful for my new couch. *rolls eyes because has to say this because it’s Thanksgiving week for crying out loud*

4. I knocked out a good bit of Christmas shopping last week. Will I be done by November 30 as I declared? Eh. Doubtful. But that is more of a money issues than anything else. Come on pay day!

5. I am loving the fitness center! Monday is a tough day for me because I have bible study at 9:00. That’s my story and sticking to it. Of course I can go after bible study. I suppose. But don’t want to. Probably will. Tomorrow afternoon I meet with the trainer. She is actually a young woman who graduated with The Big Boy and we have always liked her. Might be weird…now that I think of it. Oh, well. She’s a sweetheart. Actually, seeing her working there sealed the deal for me signing up and signing Shawn up since they are both single.

6. I have a strict rule that I completely and totally keep my nose out of the love lives of my children. I couldn’t even type that without busting out laughing. Okay, in my mind, I totally and completely stay out of the bidness of my children. In reality, I totally get involved. Deal with it.

7. The Wild Boy is back in town. I’m not sure why I was so anxious for him to come home and why I missed him so. It’s not like I’ve gotten any real words out of him. Just grunts and snarls. Apparently, however, he was mister sweet and social and all that is polite while in Texas. He totally has Leeann snowed. He convinced her to allow him to make a purchase that I probably would have poo-pooed. *isn’t that just an awesome phrase…poo-pooed…I feel all hoity toity saying it*

8.  I have been feeling pretty stressed out lately. I know I’ve talked about feeling overwhelmed, etc., but it’s not really that. This week, I am determined to get to the root of it all. I am making time for working out; for quiet time; for crocheting; for reading; for talks with My Girl. I am determined to enjoy my time spent baking and cleaning, things I truly do enjoy but just are not appealing to me like they should this week. In a word, I’m determined to find the Joy.

Thanks for hanging in there with me week after week. Love you guys.

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