On Family Time.

My Man, My Girl and I spent most of the day together today. We ran errands…the Walmarts, lunch, Kohls, Giant Food, the vacuum store. We laughed; we pushed and shoved each other; we rode grocery carts down the aisles and through the parking lot.

In a word (or three): we had fun.

I will have more, soon, on our family time and traditions. Maybe even a lot more.

But I just wanted to say, with the Holiday season upon us: spend time with your family. Make your kids hang out with you and ignore any grumbling or resistance. I promise you, they will end up having fun. And they will, one day, look back and remember and treasure these times as much as you do. *spoken from my own personal experience*

By the way, we refer to this time together as FFF…Forced Family Fun. Funny, that, since we never have had to force any of them to participate.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

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