Pull of Open Spaces.

“I’m never coming home.”

That was the text message I received from The Wild Boy late last night. He is in Texas. Toured Baylor University yesterday and liked it, but not enough to want to apply. Last night, however, the sweet friends he is visiting took him to their ranch outside of town. I forget how many acres they have. And I know it was dark when they left town for the ranch, but apparently my Wild Boy succumbed to the vastness that is Texas.  And loved it.

Same thing happened to the Big Boy in the Colorado mountains. Completely different parts of the country; totally different landscape; yet one thing was the same: the open sky. No city lights. No glare off the streetlights or spot lights illuminating our back yards. Nothing but black and trillions of stars and planets not normally visible where we are from.

One year we were on the Outer Banks and there was a huge power outage. The entire outer banks and sound side lost power. We sat out on the deck for hours staring at the sky. Never had it seemed so bright; never had it seemed so black. It was beyond description.

There are many reasons we are drawn to the open spaces, I think. The need to explore; the ability to take deep breaths; the silence that allows us to hear our Maker speaking softly to our hearts; the stillness. For me it is a combination of all of these things. Plus one more. We don’t really know what Heaven is like; or even where it is exactly. But when I look up into the dark sky, I feel a pull to leave this earthly home and, like Brett and Shawn, never come back.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

One thought on “Pull of Open Spaces.

  1. You and what you write is a blessing to mu heart.

    Phil and I love to look at the night sky. In the wee hours of the morning (oh about 2 a.m. I think) on November 20th there is supposed to be a meteor shower.

    I'm so thankful for the precious friends with whom we've been blessed. Each provides something unique, a special blessing to our families. (Oh by the way, we are that blessing to others too.)

    Today, we are going to the funeral of a precious friend, Fletcher Earles. He was instrumental in Josh learning to fly. He and his wife have been dear Christian friends and have always welcomed us into their homes. They have been there for us in celebrations and sorrows. The ponds at their home have been the site for many fishing adventures. Fletcher battled with cancer, but the Lord has taken him home.

    I think that when we pray, there is a growing group of our loved ones around the throne.
    Today, once again, I feel more keenly that pull toward heaven.

    Thank you for sharing your heart. It was a blessing to mine.

    Love You Susan

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