I’ve got nothing. My heart is flooded this morning and I can barely think straight.

My baby, The Wild Boy, is getting on an airplane this morning and flying to Waco, Texas. by his self. Sure, he’s flown without us before. Flew to Puerto Rico last summer on a mission trip. But there were adults with him. Adults we know and love. Today and on his return flight Sunday, he will be all by himself. Unless of course I fly to Dallas to fly home with him. It could happen.

How did we come to this point? He’s still a my baby! It’s just too much. First, a girlfriend. Next, getting his license. Then making (unofficial) college visits. And now this. It’s just. too. much. This Momma’s heart can’t take it all in.

I mean, what next? Dropping him off in some far away land (like…West Virginia??? *gulp*) to attend college? Walking past his nearly empty bedroom every day. No clothes to pick up off the floor? No need to straighten up the sheets and bedspread because no one has slept in it in months? Will I be forced to take the trash out myself? Russell and I, just the two of us, playing the Smith car driveway shuffle? Please don’t tell me I’ll be thinking of those leftovers and actually come home and they are still in the fridge, waiting to be eaten? How will I spend the hours left open because I’m only doing laundry for Russell and I?

And the quiet? Oh, the quiet? It will be deafening! No haggling over the remote. Hollering about left behind protein bar wrappers on the (brand new blue) couch and empty water bottles left on the table. Will I be forced to drive in a vehicle that doesn’t smell like Eau de Football Gear?

What will Russell and I do with our Friday nights during football season? We might actually have to get a hobby. Bowl on a bowling league or something. Eat out more regularly at our favorite steak place or Italian place, instead of burger joints. And the drama! Oh, how I will miss all of the drama! The grunts and scowls and snarls that are our teenage boy.

Um. Wait. It actually isn’t sounding all that bad, now that I read back through. Sure, I’ll miss him and all, but I can definitely see the huge plus side. I think Russell and I can actually do this.

And Like It.

Except for the whole The Big Boy is moving back home thing.

It was nice while it lasted.

But, seriously, if you think about us today, please toss up an arrow prayer for Batman Brett has he flies to Dallas and then home again this weekend. Thank you! And one also for his poor Momma!

Love you guys. Chat soon!

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