Meaning of Life, The.

In a shocking turn of events, I don’t really know the meaning of life. Every time I think I have it figured out, life throws me a curve ball and I’m left slack-jawed and bewildered, or wide-eyed and amazed. I used to think life was a crap shoot; random; hit-or-miss; oh, you can kinda steer your basic course but like the wonderful show that is Wipeout, seemingly out of nowhere, you are bombarded with flying missiles trying to knock you off your course. And while it’s true, I think, that we can steer our basic course and also true that we are bombarded with flying missiles, they are far from out of nowhere.

This was a seriously difficult concept for me to understand. And, I still struggle with it, I must confess. I get the whole people have free will and can do bad things and that bad things happen to good people. I just  often can’t believe that God allows some of the bad things to happen.

Having said that, if we didn’t have bad things happen, we wouldn’t know to be thankful for the good things. Right? Right?

One of the bad things that seems to be happening a lot right now in my life is the the occurrence of cancer. No one I know has not been touched by it in some way. The other day I was crying out to God about it and it dawned on me: if there wasn’t such a thing as cancer and other diseases and illnesses, man, at the rate he is going, would figure out how to keep us all alive forever.

Totally not what God’s plan is. This is not our true home; just a temporary home.

So, in hindisght, maybe I do know the meaning of life.

Be thankful for everything. 

You’re welcome.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

P.S. My view this morning as I wrote…thankful for our home backing up to parkland.

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  1. One of the hardest things to remember when things go differently than you had planned, is that is that YOUR plan might not have been HIS plan! And this blog posting for some reason reminds me of Where I Belong…

    “all I know is I'm not home yet, this is not where I belong.
    Take this world and give me Jesus, this is not where I belong.”

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