Life. A list.

…sitting in front of the fireplace, warm and toasty, while the rain taps lightly on the deck and the leaves shiver on the trees.
…burrowing deep into warm, soft covers, and realizing that if I do get out of bed, the sweet nectar of life that is coffee is awaiting that first sip.
…anticipating the first glimpse of My Man after he’s been away on a business trip, or even just at work for the day.
…quietly opening the door to The Wild Boy’s room when he is sound asleep, listening to his deep, relaxed breathing, realizing that he is completely diagonal in the bed…the only way he fits anymore.
…snapping photo after photo of Chloe curled up in the chair.
…receiving a text message from The Big Boy that simply reads, “hi”.
…each of our yearly, family traditions.
…a surprise box arriving at my doorstop, full of handmade scarves from mom.
…secretly blessing someone with a gift.
…seeing the love My Girl and My Man have for each other, knowing just how close it was to being lost.
…sitting in the hospital, silently praying for each person, patient or medical staff, as they walk by.
…deciding to let go of fear and find I am finally living.

Love you guys.

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