Keepin’ it realz.

So, the original post I have been working on all day long just got dumped and I am moving on to this new and improved post. Well, new anyway. But, at 8:58 pm, I am finally okay with that. Believe me, I tried to get blood out of that turnip but it just didn’t happen.

It’s been a crazy month day. The Man and I are finally getting back on track after being on a serious not-together-on-anything trip for awhile now. Finally came to a head, we had the knock down drag out that lasted about 30 seconds, had all the children talking and then we didn’t talk for about a week and now we’re good. After 29 years of marriage you would think we would have this all figured out. Keeps things interesting. *grin*

After a horrendous loss Friday night against Westfield, just like that…junior year football is over. Actually, it was pretty much over for him when he injured his shoulder three weeks ago. But I felt bad for the seniors who had to end their football careers with that game after a pretty crappy season. The Wild Boy and some buds are already talking about their last football season next year, and some things they want to do. I can’t wait for Fall 2013! Oh, wait. Yes, I can. My baby boy will be A SENIOR. Impossible. I can’t believe it. Don’t wanna.

Speaking of being A SENIOR, Russell’s birthday is next week. He will be 48 53. He’s not talking about it; says we aren’t celebrating. I asked him what kind of cake he wanted to not celebrate with and he immediately said, “pineapple upside down cake.” Glad we got that cleared up. He’s also being a Christmas scrooge. He was when we first married and the Wheeler and Hart clan beat it out of him. We are just too much into Christmas. We wouldn’t let him not be and now our children are huge into Christmas and all of our quirky traditions. He can’t turn back now. As if we would ever let him.

The Wild Boy had his shoulder x-rayed and MRI’d, with contrast, today. Basically, they take a 12 inch long needle and get a running start from across the room and leap high into the air and with a loud, screaming, HIIIIII-YAAAAAAA, jam the needle into your shoulder joint and then twirl it around, push it and pull it from side to side for about 5 minutes and then push this thick gel gunk into the joint for the tissue to absorb. Then you have to lie perfectly still for like, an hour. And that’s just to put the numbing agent in. Or, at least that’s his version. Really, it could not have been that bad from the small amount of screaming we heard from the waiting room.

Not really, of course, but I did hear him say, as I was walking out the door and down the hall, “I’m going to wait until my mom is sitting down in the waiting room and then I’m going to let out a scream to get her going…okay with you guys?” The nurses and techs came out of the room laughing and stopped by to tell us he was a really funny kid. That’s something My Girl keeps telling us but we have a difficult time seeing it though his blank stares, grunts and scowls.

Also speaking of being A SENIOR…The Big Boy is done with his undergraduate college years on December 7, 2012. Also known as…less than a month. Really, wasn’t it just last year that he was pushing us out of the dorm and into the van on move in day of frosh year?  I was sooooo ticked off at him, because he really was pushing us to leave, that I didn’t cry for an entire five minutes down the road. I’ll be ticked off and crying again come December 7 when all of his crap stuff gets dumped back into our basement. I have a plan, however; he’s going to do all of the cooking and all of his own cleaning up after cooking. He will be in his own pad come June. Wait and see.

So that it’s from Smith Abbey. Kept it pretty real, I think.

Love you guys. Chat soon.

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