"Jester’s dead."

Movie reference. Anyone?

I’ll give you the answer. Top Gun. Maverick and Goose just took out Jester, their flying instructor. They did it by going against the established rules of engagement. But they got him.

I do that all of the time. Not take out Jester, but get what I want by going against the established rules. Oh, usually it’s pretty benign…tasting a grape out of the bag I’m eyeing to purchase. Before I purchase it. Bribing Providing an incentive to get one of my darlings to clean their room, study more, go to the store for me and yes, even the dreaded hit a home run, get a touchdown, score more kills.

I confess I’ve been known to use a bit of manipulation to get my husband to do something I want and even justify it by saying he knows I do it and lets me get away with it.

No more. Sometime this weekend, and there wasn’t an event that precipitated this just a thought popping into my brain, I realized that I’m not really getting away with anything. I’m pretty much cheating. Maybe it tucked gently away after my devotion led me  to Galatians 5:22, 23…the fruit of the Spirit passage. I know you know it: love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Getting away with things just doesn’t seem to fit in there.

And why the Tom Cruise/Top Gun reference? I have no idea. It really is the only movie I like him in. Maybe because it was before he became so whack? or maybe we didn’t know he was so whack yet? Oops. Apparently I need to work on “kindness.”

Love you guys. Chat with you later.

2 thoughts on “"Jester’s dead."

  1. I can even hear Goose's voice saying “Jester's dead”! How pathetic is it that I've watched that movie that much…I also still cry when Goose dies and the rescue person says “You have to let him go, sir.” Just sayin'

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