…the first cup of coffee in the morning.
…Chloe snuggling into the crook of my neck, stretching her right front leg out onto my shoulder, paw flexing, kneading for just a moment and then relaxing lightly, comforting her and me.
…all of my critters, really.
…home alone, fireplace flickering, book in hand, cup of hot tea with just a smidgen of honey.
…mani-pedi with My Girl and bff, Charlene.
…Fall and all of its orangebrownredyellow colored glory.
…books and more books upon more books.
…time with family.
…a smile, just for me, from my Wild Boy.
…treasures handed down from my great-grandmother, grandmother, great aunt and Katie.
…holding hands with My Man, even while we sleep.
…Thursday mornings with The Girls.
…where I will see my Andy B’s.
…wrapping a made-with-love-by-mom scarf around my neck.
…hearing my children share about our family traditions with others.
…where Beth is coaching the fastest swimmers ever.
…holding  Katie’s hand as she entered the presence of Jesus.

Love you guys.

2 thoughts on “Heaven.

  1. Awwww, you made me cry again. Even though our lives are busy and we don't see each other often, I do think of you all the time. You do good work “Sue Wheeler”!


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