Get ‘er done.

That’s been my motto today. At the office and at home. While we are Pastor-less at church, I am trying to go through files, purge, etc. While we are still Shawn-less, I am trying to get the utility room and basement cleaned out, organized, etc. Also working on Shawn’s room…but don’t tell him. I’m sure he doesn’t need all that stuff. *grin*

I have purposely avoided Facebook and The Twitter today, following the election results. That’s all I have to say about that.

I have a new tactic for getting ‘er done. I’m doing a hit and run style purge. I swoop in and tackle a small area, see that area through to the end, including rabbit trail projects (taking a book to the book shelf, proceeding to wipe down and organize said book case…you get the gist.) Seriously, it has only taken me 51 a few years to figure this out, even after reading it in every single “get yourself organized” book and article out there.

But really, even though My Man swears the mess/disorganization is worse since I started this endeavor this week, he has not seen the completely filled up trash can outside, and has not noticed the yard bags stuffed with, well…stuff. I’m not even sure that he noticed that I completely cleaned off his work benches, because they are now covered with his and his father’s crap stuff that he needs to now go through. *also known as passing the buck*

It is so satisfying to actually getting all of this done. Tomorrow I expect to continue on…

It’s almost like I’m preggers and nesting. Of course that’s impossible since I’m 51 older.

Love you guys. Chat soon and remember…we are all Americans…regardless of who we voted for, we are in this together.

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