(a bonus) Helping.

Some days, I avoid my quiet time like. the. plague. The stronger the pull to my journal, bible and purple pen, the stronger I resist; I just know it is going to be brutal enlightening. I thought I would be safe by going first to my Advent devotional. Yes, *sigh* I know it’s not Advent yet, but I felt the need to begin one of my Advent books on November 1. I opened to Day 3 (what? it’s November 8 and I’m only on Day 3, you ask? You would be correct. That’s how good this devotional is…multiple days spent on each devotion!)

So, I open to Day 3 thinking I’d be off the hook by totally avoiding opening up my journal and bible. Not so much. Contemplative prayer was the subject. Specifically addressing the weak, the stressed and the distracted…also known as exactly-where-I-am-this-week. How does He do that?! My assignment for this day’s devotion was to focus on a single phrase, or better yet, a single word. The examples given…peace, love, strength. All three of which I am sorely lacking.

Love jumped out at me so I decided to contemplate it. With a rush of whispers to my very soul, I had to quickly pull out my journal and (purple) pen and start taking notes. Really. Seriously. Brutal. Apparently, I have been extremely unloving and unlovely. Hunh. Hate when that slaps me in the heart. After a brief reminder of who my neighbor is and how best to love him, her and them, I truly felt such peace and strength to carry on.

And I shall.

This life ain’t fair folks. I readily admit that sometimes often I am the first one to cry aloud the unfairness of it all. And to let it overwhelm me; suffocate me. Cancer; sudden death; addiction; loss…all so stinking unfair. But without it, would we I really know how to love? I’m thinking not. If it were all puppies and daisies, how would I recognize the need to love; the need for love? I am hating the cancer; yet, what an opportunity to love the afflicted. The sudden, unexplained death of my beloved nephew? Now I have to…with all my ability..love my sister and her girls and husband and every single person around me as if today is my last chance on this earth to do so. Because it just might be. The addictions are crippling. Maybe an encouraging word of mine…or yours…will help the addicted walk straighter. Those who have lost…help them to love again.

That’s my bonus word for the day. I needed it, probably way more than you.

Love you guys.

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