It’s Friday…it’s kind of random.

turns out it is really random and I use really a lot in it

So you might or might not have read my post office complaint on facebook earlier this week. I’ve been waiting for days for The Hunger Games DVD to arrive from Amazon. On Tuesday Amazon tracking showed it out for delivery! Par-tay. My Man was out of town again…Timbuktu this time, I think, and it would be the perfect night for me to stay up late and watch The Hunger Games. Especially since Flo has my entire first season of Downton Abbey (it really is time for me to watch it through again…it’s been 2 months, after all.)

Anyhoo, so I waited and waited and…no small brown DVD box showed up in my mailbox. I rechecked my tracking page and sure enough….11:33 am…DELIVERED. Um…that’s a big fat negatory. I called Brett, he and I searched high and low and above and beyond and finally…gave up.

Long story short, I gave the post office until today, in my mind, to find my movie and get it delivered to me. I figured they misdelivered it. This afternoon, after the mail came, I went up to post office and, thankfully no one was in line, which is really, really weird at our post office. So, this is what I discovered about the post office in general. The mail carriers are always really nice and chatty; the people behind the counters at the post office…you know the ones who are truly the face of the post office, are really not nice and definitely not chatty; and the supervisor dude behind the brown door in the lobby is really really nice and helpful and chatty. My movie turned up today. When I got home from the post office it was sitting on the counter. Brett neglected to mention it had come this morning.

Tonight? We’re watching the Nats, of course. I’m okay with it. I want to watch The Hunger Games and I don’t want to watch The Hunger Games. I loved the books. I hated that they ended. I’m afraid to watch the movie…what if I hate the movie version after reading the books? What if I love the movie and now I have nothing to look forward to?

These are the things that keep me awake at night.

The other day I emailed my small group of girls to apologize for being such a butt-head at lunch the day before. Not a single one emailed me back to say, “you weren’t a butt-head.” One, who wasn’t at lunch texted me and asked me what I did to make me a butt-head at lunch. This is why I love my small group of girls. One. I was comfortable acting like a butt-head with them. Two. No one called me out on it at the time. Three. When I apologized for acting like a butt-head, no one disagreed with me.

I love cheese, as a rule; but I passionately love English Cheddar.

Now and then I convince myself that I need a tablet…an iPad or Kindle Fire. Tonight I compared them and also threw in some other tablets. Again I decided I don’t really need one. I have my iPhone. I have a laptop. I have an iMac. And I love the feel of real books in my hands. Russell’s wallet wins again.

I’m extremely competitive. I like to win. I like my children to win in whatever sports they are competing. When Shawn didn’t make the baseball team as a freshman, he told the coach he would be back the following year (he was the last one to be cut). He came back. Two days into tryouts the coach realized who he was and couldn’t believe the difference. He made the team. He hated the politics. He didn’t go out for Varsity although coach told him there was a spot on the team for him. Sarah was a setter her freshman and sophomore years even though she really wanted to be a hitter. They held her on jv for 10th grade because they needed a setter on jv and had one on varsity. She struggled with confidence as a junior on varsity. Was benched. Came back. Helped them win Districts and made the all district team and and district tournament team. Brett started on freshman football and jv football and scored lots of touchdowns. On varsity this year he is scoring a lot of bench time. I have to admit that I have been struggling with it. I have really, really had to have some major sit downs with God about all of it. What is my real reason for hating it so much? Does Brett really hate it so much? How much is this going to matter five years from now? Two years from now? Tonight, for some reason, it all came together for my thinking on this. I was sitting here minding my own business (comparing tablets) and I heard the whisper on my heart. It won’t even matter come December. Yep, he wants to play but for him, it’s not the end of the world. Jeremiah 29:11 popped into my brain: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Suddenly it was all clear. Yep, if Brett wants to play football, I want to support him and I want him to do his best. And I think he is. Other than that…it’s time for me to stand down. Focus, come September 4, will be on academics. Even if he decided to play football in college, academics will again be the main focus. 

Sometimes, it takes 30 years for This Girl to finally get it. 

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