September is just around the corner.

September is my favorite time of the year. Especially since having children. Oh, I definitely cried the first day of kindergarten and the first day of first grade (Kindergarten is half days around here so it was like sending them off to preschool still.) Cried when they all started Middle School but that was mostly out of fear…never been impressed with the MS in our pyramid. Absolutely cried on the first day of 9th grade. Our High School has been awesome. Sending the Big Boy off to college…I waited to cry 15 minutes after we drove away. That’s how long it took me to get over him basically kicking us out and never looking back (hey…that’s OUR job to do, not his.) *I totally realize we did our job really, really well by how easily he let us go and transitioned into college life* And today, I had a little cry fest as My Girl started back at our Community College. For realz this time. *so proud of her I cry just thinking about it*

The Wild Boy starts his junior year in high school next week. Or as I like to think of it, “in a week he’ll be graduating and moving away to college.” Junior and senior years just Fly. By. Now that I’m over the entire “he’s second string Varsity and not getting play time” thing…I think I’ll enjoy these last two years of his at home. In all honesty, I love that My Girl is home, going to school, working and oh! I forgot to tell y’all…this week she starts mucking out stalls at a local Therapeutic Riding Stable! First step towards becoming a riding instructor there, is the plan. She and I used to take lessons together. I rode on and off since I was kid. I’m hoping she’ll get some riding time in while working there. I would also love to start riding again. Maybe work that into my fitness plan?

September also marks my wedding anniversary. This September 10 we will be married 29 years. I look at that number and think, “how can that be?” Twenty-nine doesn’t sound old as an age, but as a numberofyearsmarried…wow. Since it’s one of those “off” years, we don’t have anything planned. I’ll be in Roanoke the weekend before, but plan on coming home the day before our anniversary. We might go out to dinner. If he’s in town. That’s our life lately.

I always thought that when the kids were in college, Russell and I would have some time to stand down. We are doing more together. And feels like just more, period. We are realizing that we still like each other, still like to do things together and for that I am thankful. But man are we busy. His job is wicked and he does a lot of one day travels. On purpose…he likes to be home and sleep in his own bed. I actually enjoy some down time while he is away but, shhhhh…don’t tell him that.

September also heralds the arrival of my favorite time of year…Fall. The weather cools down; the leaves change colors; I need a sweater with my yoga pants on the back porch for my morning Quiet Time; we go apple picking; I pull out my French bread board and do more baking; we bundle up to watch the Wild Boy play football; Christmas is just around the corner. Yes, I said Christmas. While I totally dislike the Christmas stuff being out at the same time the Halloween stuff is out, I do love all things Christmas. The music (already playing it…take THAT, T.); the gifts (my love language); wrapping; annual trip to the same tree farm we’ve been going to for 20 years; decorating; cards; parties; stress. Oh, the stress. This year *every year* I tell myself I am not going to be stressed by the Holiday season. This year is the year to NOT be stressed. Watch me. Gonna happen. No. Stress. Holiday. Season.

September always seems more like a new year than January to me (when it’s dark and cold and dreary and that’s just my birth day). September is like starting  anew. I think that even after all the kids are out of school completely, I will still feel that way.

After all, the old has to fall away before the new can spring forth.

Love y’all…chat soon.

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  1. Nice. Sometimes though it's a little scary how your thoughts mirror mine. (not in a weird backwards kinda way though!)

    September is invigorating!

  2. I totally agree about your September comment…just never put it into words. I even make resolutions in September!

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