Beach Week..the fastest week of the year.

The annual Smith/Secrist Beach Week has come and gone. It started out so slowly, but by Wednesday, it had “gone to plaid” *name that movie*

Some things I realized while there…

There has to be beaches and oceans and sun and breezes-that-blow-off-the-water in Heaven. There just has to be. There are very few places in this world (that I have experienced) that calm my very soul like being at the beach. Even though my mommy spidey-sense is in overdrive (constantly counting heads out there in the water), my heart is just content and full sitting in my beach chair. This year, for the first time in many, many years at the beach, I got into the ocean to actually ride the waves, float, chat, all of it. Normally, I hug the ankle deep water, maybe stepping in to dunk my head to cool off, but then getting right back out. Not sure when I changed from a teen who jumped off a sail boat in the middle of the Med to a sand lover, but this year I decided it was time to embrace the salt water again, and I loved it *while still counting heads and keeping an eye out for fins cutting the surface of the waves* Shocking my children by hanging out in the water with them all day? Priceless. Wild Boy apparently felt it was necessary to get photographic evidence, come to find out, when I checked photos that evening.

Speaking of photography…my very first purchase, with money earned from my very first job, was a Pentax KX. I took it everywhere. Especially to the beach. And I took tons and tons of pics…color and black and white. I was on the yearbook staff and took photos junior year and was co-editor of our yearbook my senior year and still took pics, but like a ton of things I used to love to do, I just let it drift out of my life. The last year or so, however, I have renewed my love of taking pics and have been taking my camera to more and more places. The week before Beach Week, I handed my digital Canon to the Wild Boy and he took pictures every day during Vacation Bible School. I have loved downloading them and editing them. Did I mention that my man was a photographer on his high school and college year book staff and his declared major his frosh year was photography? We laughed that it must be “in the blood” because Wild Boy did an awesome job taking pics. I did hand over the camera to My Man a few times during Beach Week, but mostly…I had photo control.

It is difficult getting back into the swing of being home and having to act like a responsible adult. Ants have overrun the kitchen; laundry has piled up; the house smells like dog; every surface needs to be dusted and cleaned and vacuumed; work has piled up at the office; but…

It is good to be home. Even after the Best Beach Week Ever (which is every Beach Week).

Love you guys and chat soon…I promise!

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