A touch of randomness…

Y’all just don’t know the randomness that rolls around in my head day and, unfortunately, night.

Here are some snippets I reached in and yanked out to share:

I love music, especially country music. Bff, Beth, would make the most wicked face whenever she would get in the car with me and I would crank some country. She hated it. There are soooo many great new artists out there right now and some of my old favs are putting out some new music that is so awesome. Once you go country…

Chloe, aka Her Evil Highness, is finally settling into a loving, snuggle-bunny kitty. I am loving it. Apparently, Zack Wheeler has taken over her evil personality and is torturing my mother in Roanoke.

Beach week 2012 seems like months ago. I think beach week should be once a month. Who’s with me?

Since I published my last post I have written approximately 3,409 posts that I have not published.

Not really…more like 25. But still…

My Girl is just flooring me lately…absolutely, positively flooring me. So stinkin’ proud of that girl.

Quiet here this week…Big Boy still at Goshen until Aug 8. Wild Boy on mission in Puerto Rico until Saturday.  My Girl working. Hoping to have lunch with her tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow,  My Man and I are meeting with the assisted living people tomorrow at 2:00 to get a plan in place to move my father-in-law over. Prayers appreciated as we go down this road.

August 1st will bring a bunch of changes in my life, I hope. More on that later. *or not*

Time…years…moving too quickly. One week from today Wild Boy will be into football two-a-days and soon after, will start school as a junior. A junior. Mercy.

Who knew i would love so much a song entitled, “Pontoon.” Crazy. I mean, really…”party in slow motion…out here in the open…mmmmmmm….motor-boatin’.” Seriously incredible lines.

Struggling with some of the negative crud in my life right now. Comments; people; my own thoughts.

Really struggling with it. More on that later. Sigh.

Sunday in Worship, I was having myself a full-blown-pity-party and then I heard the first note of a song that speaks to me…the song that speaks to me during Worship. Love when He does that!

Okay, my fibro has been kicking my butt for a week so I am going to give into the fatigue and hit the rack. Chat soon!

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