Husbands, dogs and Valentine’s Day.

Some random thoughts.

  • Right now, I am sitting in my living room (still no working fireplace, by the way…I’m trying not to be bitter.) Sipping a glass of The Black Dog. Chloe’s tail is flicking me in the back of the head, now and then. 
  • The Wild Boy is in the basement watching…something. *update on the Wild Boy…His Princess just came by and they are off to a basketball game. On Valentine’s Day.
  • My Man is in Denver (I had planned on going with him, but as often happens…it didn’t work out as planned. Next time, The Simple Wife!) My Man did have a dozen chocolate covered strawberries delivered to me today. He has been On. It. lately. Seriously. 
  • Sarah is pulling a double Valentine’s Day shift at the restaurant (cha-ching). 
  • This week I have been…distracted. Like my ADD has been on steroids. I feel like I can’t get anything done…or even started. I know that this, too, shall pass. 
  • Every year Sarah and I look forward to the Westminster Dog Show. This year did not disappoint. The German Shepherd won the Herding Group. The one and only time a GSD has won Best in Show was 25 years ago and that was the magnificent Hatter. Hatter’s handler is also handling Capi this year, who will represent the Herding Group tonight in the Best of Show ring. I’m DVRing the nightly judging and following online during the day. We Smiths are a dog-loving bunch. Growing up we had miniature poodles. Russell and I have always had German Shepherds. My sister and her family have always had Golden Retrievers. We are currently owned by Jack Bodacious, aka Jackson, who I refer to as The Super Model…all looks and no brains. My Man and I have already agreed that our next dog will be a GSD…I need my dog to have some intelligence. Our girl, Sammi was the single most intelligent dog I have ever known. I miss her terribly.
  • See? ADD on over-drive.
  • New NCIS tonight! Woo-hoo!
  • I am currently watching a DVR’d NCIS episode. From December. The Christmas commercials are throwing me.
  • February 24 would be bff, Beth‘s 51st birthday. I miss her every day.
  • One of my sweet friends, also named Susan, keeps me sooooo grounded. She is one of my friend’s who tells me like it is. Especially when she knows I don’t want to hear it. Which is usually when I need to hear it most.
  • I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to put things in perspective. Trying to put this crazy, wild ride called life into perspective. 
  • Thanks to all of you and to a great big God, to Whom none of this has been a surprise, I’m beginning to find it. 
  • Perspective, that is. 

More soon. Love y’all.

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