Happy Prez Day!

Dear Diary. 

It’s only been six days since I’ve last written you. Where does the time fly!?! Possibly lost to my new obsession that is all things Downton Abbey. Oh, Diary! It’s so wonderful! Will Mary and Matthew finally become engaged? Will Bates be able to pay off his wife and marry Anna? Will Countess Crawley stand up to Mrs. Crawley and take back Downton Abbey? I must confess I am hooked, body and soul.

Love, Me.

Seriously, y’all…Downton Abbey is amazingly delicious. Check it out when you have a moment. But be warned…it will suck you in and you will suddenly find your dirty laundry piled up, your sink full of dishes and your family staging a revolt from lack of attention.

Fairly quiet day here at Smith Manor. The Man is off to the Starbucks to bring me back a cup of bold yumminess. The kids are still asleep. I totally blew off bff, Annette for a walk today. I am trying to play a bit of catch up. My birthday was Jan 31 and I have yet to write my thank you notes…#1 on my list to complete. Our taxes are done and submitted so we have been working on father-in-law’s taxes. My husband is going to have a huge mansion in Heaven. He truly has been so wonderful about taking care of his father.

Our small snow shower last night only made me long for Spring even more. A nice big fat snow storm would be wonderful. A piddly dusting only makes me mad. Let’s just get on with Spring, shall we?

Laundry, cleaning, note writing and a possible Twilight Marathon with My Girl is on my agenda today. What are y’all doing?

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  1. I've only seen the first one … it takes like 3 days to download a one hour program here. Who knew internet would suck so bad in a techie country. but I loved the first one. Ready for the next!

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