The One in Which I have Nothing Witty to Say.

I felt the need to post a blog, even though I have nothing to say.

  • Once a mother, always a mother. I made My Girl promise she would come straight home after working a double shift yesterday. She has been stressed and sad, like the rest of us this Christmas, but she has been working double shifts, having to put on a happy and cheery face every day (bigger tips that way.). *The rest of us have been able to be grumbly and sad because we don’t get no stinkin’ tips* By Christmas evening, she was a wreck. *I crashed hard last night so I couldn’t tell you if she actually did come straight home after work, but while I was up prowling the house after midnight, she was home*
  • Thanks to the many Starbucks cards I received this Holiday Season, my Gold Card is filled to the brim for a couple month’s supply of liquid caffeine. The gift that keeps me going and going and going.
  • *As I’m typing this, My Man is at Starbucks securing a grande bold, no room coffee for me*\
  • This week is pack and move week. The packers arrive in Dumfries on Friday and pack up my father-in-law’s home. Saturday we move him into Greensprings in Springfield. Russell, Shawn and I were in Dumfries with him yesterday finalizing the layout of his new apartment and packing up tools. We hit a glitch and we prepared ourselves for him to dig his heels in and refuse to move. It wasn’t quite as bad as we expected, thankfully. We totally understand how difficult this is for him. He can’t see that we are hurting too, and that we have had to completely shut down our emotions and feelings while doing this. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be able to do this ourselves. Like most evenings after being there with him, we come home, sit in silence and attempt to make sense of it all.
  • I also have a ton of work to do for my paying job at the church. I will pop into the office today for a bit, but will not go to Dumfries with the boys so that I can work on the church calendar from home. Entering every calendar item into a Publisher driven Calendar, and then separately adding each of those items to PW’s and my Outlook calendars and this year I have created a Google Calendar that will link to the church website and each calendar item has to be entered to that, also. Three (four, actually) separate calendars to keep up with for each calendar item is ridiculous. But it is how we are doing it. That’s my job this week. Actually, that’s my job today, Wednesday and Thursday as I’m off Friday and Saturday packing and moving.
  • Her Evil Highness received an Angry Birds toy for Christmas. We have had to hide it from her. She is obsessed with it. It is two Angry Birds on a string attached to a pole. If we don’t hide it from her, she runs through the house with the birds in her mouth catching the string and pole around and through everything. Not only is it loud and annoying, it’s also loud and annoying.
  • I think I fulfilled the promise of the this blog post title…nothing witty to be found here. Thanks for making it this far!

Love you guys. See y’all soon.

3 thoughts on “The One in Which I have Nothing Witty to Say.

  1. My mom and dad read every word. They have never learned more about me and what I'm thinking than by reading my blog…apparently I was a quiet child and teen. Do you agree, Joycie?


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