Happy Christmas!

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, calls, text messages and love. We have been blessed by all of you. As expected, this has been a hard time for our family, but we will continue moving forward. What other choice do we have?

This is going to be a wicked week for Russell and I. We are trying to give our boys some down time, but we are also packing up Alvin on Friday and moving him into Greensprings on Saturday. There is so much to do! Sarah is working double shifts all week, so she is out of the packing/cleaning/moving loop. I know that she would much rather be helping us. She feels guilty, which is ridiculous, but I love that her first concern is for her family.

In addition, I need to get the church calendar all up to date and also entered into our new google calendar, accessible through our website.

I have to admit I really want to take the tree down today and put away all of the decorations for two reasons: 1) I just never felt it this year. Don’t get me wrong…I never took my eyes off of Jesus this Christmas Season, but the whole merriment and decorating, etc..just didn’t have it in me like I usually do. 2) The next two weeks are going to be so busy and crazy I’m not sure when I’ll get to it if I don’t do it today. However, my husband convinced me to wait a couple of days. He is eyeing the weather to determine the “warmest” day of this week and he and the boys will take the Griswoldesque exterior illumination down and I will most likely take advantage of the attic man-power and take the tree down and put all of the decorations away that same day.

I’m ready for 2012. It’s not that January 1 will be a magic day where everything will be better, but there will be a mental deep exhale at turning over that calendar page from 2011, our “Annus horribilis” to a New Year.

Our Christmas morning was very quiet and subdued. We all slept in, relatively speaking. The first child didn’t make an appearance until 7:30 and that was My Girl who had a migraine and was very tender and weepy. We roused the boys and dug in to our stockings and gifts. There were smiles and laughs and chattiness, but our Christmas Morning Free-For-All was missing. And that is okay. We continued our time together with cinnamon buns and quiche and the boys hit the ground running to meet Alvin at Parkwood Baptist for church. Sarah went back to bed to successfully beat down her migraine.I attempted to corral the paper and boxes and gifts in the living room and start pulling Christmas Dinner together. William and Travis joined us and, honestly, it was a wonderful distraction to have five big kids “helping” set the table, bring food in, pour drinks, etc. It was just what this momma’s heart needed…the laughing and joking and teasing and joy.

Sarah was sad that she had to work, but she and Travis headed out and Russell took his dad home while I cleaned up (I’m seeing a theme for my Christmas Day…I did a lot of cleaning up!) We pulled off our traditional Christmas Day movie theater trip, dragging Carolyn and George, Beth Bryan’s parents, along with us, along with Stephen and Emery, to see Sherlock Holmes. Two thumbs up from everyone. Great movie. Kept me totally entertained from opening to closing credits. We tried to sneak into Delia’s, but Sarah stopped us at the door…they were busy, she was stressed and she hugged and kissed each of us and sent us on our way! It actually worked out perfectly…we all came back to our house for leftovers. It was a wonderful way to end the day.

I’m taking today off…whatever that means. Most likely giving my kitchen a good wipe down from the tons of baking and cooking we have done. I need to pull together my mini-retreat materials…one day over this next week, I will take to myself  and sit down for an extended quiet time to pray and plan out goals and visions for 2012. Not sure where I will go yet, but I will definitely leave the house to do it or I will be distracted by all I need to be doing at home!

Hugs and blessings to each of you today! Love you guys.

3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Thank you, Libby, for the reminder! I saw you at church Christmas Eve and tried to push my way over to give you a big hug…and when I finally got to the place you had been standing…you were gone! Next time I see you…I will be hugging you!


  2. We were on a mission. We had another service to go to before midnight at Truro and then went to my St. Mary's for Divine Liturgy and wonderful brunch on Sunday morning. 3 services at three different churches in less than 16 hours. What a great way to spend Christmas.

    But still not close to rivaling the year we went to Pascha (Orthodox name for Easter) services from 10 PM – 3AM at St. Mary (our service is in the middle of the night since Christ had already risen by dawn), then Easter sunrise service at Truro, followed by a “normal” Sunday schedule at Immanuel Bible Church, and ending with Vespers and a Lamb Roast back at St. Mary's from 1-5 PM. The best way to celebrate the Resurrection!!!!!

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