Merry Christmas Eve.

Somehow, I counted incorrectly and ended up with five extra tins of Cinnamon Buns. What. A. Shame. I have hidden them. THEY ARE ALL MINE. I wrapped early this morning and finished up before my first cup of (cold) coffee was gone.And I was so consumed with making 30 6 batches of them that I neglected to take even one picture, Droid or otherwise.

I was so tired from baking and wrapping yesterday that by the time I started texting with my baby sister last night, we were both just beside ourselves. Please, please keep our family in your prayers this Christmas…our family and all families that have lost a child. The pain is beyond description. I would never wish this agony on anyone. We are praying for all of you that we know have lost a child. I can honestly say that we haven’t even really begun to grieve the loss of our beloved Katie. I know it will hit tonight. During the singing of Silent Night. I’ll be Home for Christmas has been a song I have had to turn off every time it has come on this season. So many are not coming home. It just crushes my heart.

On a happier note, *if you have made it this far in my post today* the last week has seen our home filled with boys. Big boys and little boys (Nate Doran came by all spiffed up a bit ago to help deliver a present and to hang onto Jack as Jack dragged him all over our main level). Grace Doran came by, too, but she is terrified of Jack (all dogs, actually) so they did not stay long. But we have had a lot of big, noisy, hungry, thirsty *did I mention loud* boys in our house and I have loved it. Sarah and I are always the only girls. Unless Harlee pops in. Which reminds me, shout out to Harlee and Brett for stringing all of the candy canes for the Christmas Trees at church.

Tomorrow morning we will open stockings (my favorite part) and presents, drink coffee and eat Bacon and Swiss quiche and Sausage and Cheese quiche (which have yet to be made, by the way, but did I mention ALL MY WRAPPING IS DONE?), and warm cinnamon buns. The rest of the family is going to church with Granddad and I am going to cook. We’re having our main meal at noon tomorrow because we have a Christmas Day tradition Beth Bryan and I started years ago…movie on Christmas Day. Seriously, our kids were little when we started doing this and we joked that the only thing open was the movie theater and the only people there were Jewish or Muslim. Honest. Now…it’s a zoo at the movies on Christmas Day, but we continue to go. We are going to see Sherlock Holmes and then we will hit Delia’s, where Sarah will be working tomorrow, 4-close, for appetizers and pizza and dessert.

I have a pic of it somewhere, and when I find it I will share, but Chloella’s favorite new toy is the empty wrapping paper tube. She carries them around, chews on them, stalks and pounces on them, freaks out over them if they move. She really is a fun kitty. But an Evil Kitty. I hope to get even with her later tonight and put the Rudolf antlers hat on her and take pictures. Cuz I’m evil like that.

Merry Christmas. Hug and smooch on your loved ones.

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  1. Susan, I cannot imagine the pain your sister and her family (including you and yours!) are experiencing this Christmas season. There are no way to explain. I do know God grieves with you and there are many who join in prayer for you all. May your traditions of Christmas from the opening of gifts and sharing of coffee/food in the morning to the evening movie and restaurant gathering be a time of sweet memories and joining together of friends. Best to you and yours…Nancy

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