No Resolutions…??

Do y’all have any revolutions/resolutions in the works? Have you even thought about it yet? Please share. My blog comments area is very lonely. The only way I know y’all are actually reading is if you comment. I’ve shared a few of my revolutions…now it’s your turn. I’ll give you some ideas: weight loss? exercise? daily vitamin and supplements? determined to be kinder, gentler (that is my bro-in-law…the New Kinder, Gentler Al Odenthal)? give more to charity? simplify?

Let’s hear it.

Love you guys!

5 thoughts on “No Resolutions…??

  1. I have been working on goals, but have not solidified the details yet.

    Some are: To know and trust God better, to learn Greek and ASL, to build my business, and to learn more about clothes/hair/makeup etc.

    I like hearing stories about HEH, reminds me of my love/hate relationship with my cat. Though it would be good to hear more dog stories, haha.

  2. Hey you sweet thing…I've been doing a lot of thinking on this one and the list is long. And I mean from very simple things to “talk more to the people I love” to pray deep and long for very big serious stuff. It includes be more responsible with time and money and start a budget. πŸ™‚ I'm very ADD with my list, but I plan on jotting it down and keeping it with me all the time.

    Its ok if I fail, but I just want to see where I would like to be.

    Sure do love you!

  3. Man resolves, the devil desolves, (and thankfully) God absolves. Since God's resolution for me to have a deeper spiritual life, (Mark 1:8 – “He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit”) that is my intention. And I struggle every year. I can so easily be distracted by “good” things.

    Every good deed done for Christ's sake gives grace. But they might not be available for some reason. I may want to give alms, but I don't want anyone to know. Or perhaps I don't have the means myself or the opportunity or the strength. But prayer is always at hand and available to all.

    One of the things about working in LifeWay was that I was constantly amazed at how small the Bible section was compared to all the other “stuff.” To think that people could come up with so many ways NOT to read the Bible.

    We got a book: “Too Busy Not to Pray.” Okay, so the book convinces people they need to pray. But the next thing that arrived was a “Too Busy Not to Pray Journal.” Something else to keep them from praying. And lastly the Bible Study arrived. Let's spend an hour in a group talking about prayer and 15-20 minutes in small talk before plus maybe another 15-20 minutes after to talk to each other about what we thought of the study and don't forget the 15-20 minutes when we share our prayer requests (everyone needs to know the details because if we just named a person, God wouldn't have any idea what we are asking Him to do) and gosh, wouldn't it be good if out of that almost 2 hours we spent maybe 10 minutes actually praying.

    Wonder how that works for people who resolved to pray more….

    So as usual, more Bible reading, actual prayer, fasting, almsgiving.

    Every year I make the resolution not to resolve anything. I can keep that one. (hahahaha! get it! resolve not to resolve! I break that one before I get going!!!!)

    But I do have things I'd like to accomplish during the year – and those seem to remain the same year after year.

    * quilt. I have more on my schedule to do this year.

    * scrapbook. Didn't get to do as much of that this year as I'd have liked to do. But that was because I traveled so much – taking pictures to scrapbook in the future.

    * who doesn't want to loose weight – I just try not to gain any! Especially in light of the fact that we have friends who really like to eat out!

    * this year I will begin a 3 year study with my husband to learn Koine Greek. We'll see how that goes.

    * every year I try not to miss a single Sunday at church. If I can't be there, I listen to the Divine Liturgy on my iPod so I can be there in spirit. And every year I say I will try to attend all the special services. I haven't made it yet. This year I went to every Wednesday night service during Lent. I hope that even though I won't make it to every extra service, that I won't attend fewer than I did last year. (The 10 AM weekdays are the hardest. I like it when he schedules them for 7 AM better) Baby steps.

    If I can do those things, I will feel that I accomplished something.

  4. I haven't come up with a final list but I do have a few little ones that I am sure of…

    1) Drink more water. 2) Spend more time reading to my children. 3) Play more board games.

    They seem pretty simple so I am excited. πŸ™‚

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