I like the rain. It is cleansing. Following a good rain, the air smells fresh. The puddles are inviting.

Rain always reminds me of “God crying” or “the angels crying.”

Sometimes, I imagine, this is true.

In life, there is pain. I am ashamed that I spent so much time unaware of this. It was on the peripheral. I was able to push it aside and go on my merry way. Oblivious. Self-centered. Not wanting to take on any responsibility associated with being in pain.

Lately, the rain has filled me with a sense of relief. As if God and the angels really were so saddened by the pain in this world, their tears fell freely. Reminding me I am not alone in my pain.

You are not alone in your pain.

This week I have allowed the pain to suffocate me. Overwhelm me. Crush me. Physically, my body shuts down. Emotionally, I withdraw. It is not always a bad thing. Unless I let it become one. Today I am pushing myself to climb back out. To extend my hand up toward the rain. Slipping and sliding a bit in the mud, maybe, but steadily moving toward the Light. My face turned up to feel the tears.

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