It’s not Thursday…but it is random.

1. I love checking my email first thing in the morning and discovering what I have emailed myself in the middle of the night. *explanation: I toss and turn all night and think of things, pray, have revelations and often…way too often…I grab my iPhone and email myself my thoughts. Please don’t judge. I’m only slightly psycho.*

2. I am working on a blog post that may or may not ever see the light of blogdom. It’s scaring me to write it. I had to step away.

3. Chloe keeps seeing her reflection in the sliding glass door this morning (at 4:45 am) and flinging herself at herself. Is it so very evil of me to keep laughing hysterically every time she does it? Repeatedly?

4. My dining room is stacked with stuff. Including the Lion King sheets Katie always put on the twin beds for the grandchildren’s sleep overs. One of my children, who shall remain nameless but is 21 1/2 years old, has claimed said Lion King sheets.

5. Now Chloe is getting a running start from one end of the living room and slamming into the sliding glass door. Is it evil of me that I can barely resist capturing this phenomenon on my iPhone?

6. My hands are in hideous need of a good manicure. Or just a bad one. I’m not even going to bother until the packing and moving and unpacking and unmoving is done. Ripping a nail off at the quick hurts, y’all. A lot.

7. I am in complete and total denial that next week is Thanksgiving.

8. My gorgeous husband turns 52 on Sunday.

9. The two quiches I made last night for dinner? GONE. And Shawn and his buds aren’t even in town. But Sarah, Travis, Brett & William are.

10. Thanks for reading along as I totally avoid the blog post I am supposed to be writing.

And NOT so random…my bff, Joanne Heim, is having surgery today. Please pray for her. Pop in and let her know that you are.

*also…new Haiku up*

Love you guys. See y’all tomorrow.

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