1.Get back on schedule; His schedule…Regular quiet time, bible study homework.
2. Live intentional; be where I am.
3. Exercise (and my health) is a priority.
4. Menu planning and regular shopping run.
5.Discipline, discipline, discipline.
*I have ALWAYS struggled with discipline. I think it is HI-LARRY-US that my husband once referred to me as “focused” in a marriage class…I mean…what the heck? I am anything BUT focused*
6. As I pondered this “list”, I realized the following.
 *another list*
a. Pretty much daily, I am consumed…consumed…with grief. Andy, Katie, Beth…my mom’s cancer fight, my aunt Mary K’s cancer fight.
b. Russell and I are beginning the process of packing up his father and moving him to a Senior Adult Community. We will have our children helping us and any and all friends we can bribe…er…convince to help us. This is a very difficult thing for my father-in-law who struggles with some dementia and, quite honestly, just lost his wife of 50+ years two months ago and doesn’t want to leave their last residence. We are also helping him put the house on the market. Packing up and moving a ton of stuff to storage, cleaning, helping him to figure out what can actually fit in his two bedroom apartment, etc.
c. Realistically, until we get Alvin moved in, my life is going to be kind of crazy. But I DO need to make some changes right now. I am forgetting things…overlooking things…poor Wild Boy asked me to get him a book he needs for English 2 weeks ago…he is behind in his reading now because of his momma. Granted, he didn’t remind me…but still.
d. I think getting  back on schedule with my quiet time and keeping up with my bible study homework daily will be the first and best step for me right now. Knowing Him, everything will fall into place after that.
e. I’m also interested in your ideas…what would be on YOUR list for a new beginning?
Love you guys. See y’all tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “List.

  1. My post is similar.

    1. Get my butt in gear on my school assignments so the pit in my gut is alleviated.
    2. Discipline in exercise, quiet time, homework, housework, bedtime.
    3. See #1 and #2 because that's enough for now! 🙂

    It's survival mode over here, wish it was different.

    Praying for your craziness my friend.
    Love you.

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