Wicked Wednesday Randomness

:: The Wild Boy is home sick today. Having four days off in a row was just too much for his system, apparently.

:: The Boy is sick down at Longwood. That is The Worst. I hate it. I can’t do anything about it. So I sent him the phone number for his ear doc up here and told him to turn on the charm. Maybe they will call in a script for him.

:: Speaking of The Boy at Longwood. I totally love his roommates. They will be life-long friends I am positive. I’m thinking of adopting them to ensure it.

:: I am currently thinking up new ways to torture the Evil One, Chloella. Fair is fair. She tortures us. Of course I’m thinking along the lines of more kitty clothes, hats, etc. Suggestions welcome. And also, packages containing said suggestions.

:: Last night was one of the best NCIS episodes ever. And it set up the continuation for next week which will be even better.

:: I told My Man I wanted all eight seasons of NCIS for Christmas this year. And that’s it. Well, that and a new pair of slippers to wear while I’m watching all eight seasons of NCIS. Who wants to join me for an NCIS festival? Fuzzy slippers required.

:: Since it looks like I will be home all day with the Sick Wild Boy, I am going to polish up some silver. Don’t hate me. I know how jealous you are.

:: Aren’t you going to ask me why I am polishing silver? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. I have been cleaning. In snippets of time, I have been trying to catch up on some cleaning and the top of the corner cabinet in my dining room was dis.gus.ting. So, I’m cleaning it off and washing up and polishing everything that was on top.

:: So I’m having this issue with God. Or, maybe, He has an issue with me. In any case, there isn’t much communication between the two of us these days. If y’all could be praying for me about that, I would totally appreciate it.

See y’all tomorrow. Love you guys!

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