Speaking of cleaning…

Guess what I get to do for the near foreseeable future?

Yep. Clean someone else’s home.

It looks like father-in-law is really going to move to a Senior Living Community. By the end of the year. And his current house is going on the market.  In two weeks. And has to be cleaned out and cleaned up. I told My Man today…ain’t happening in two weeks. It just ain’t. Especially since My Man is going on a couple business trips this month.

Once I was done hyperventilating about it all I realized…we are NOT on a set time frame here.

*still hyperventilating*

Did I mention the Holiday’s are coming? Actually the Holiday’s are here.

Maybe if I hadn’t been listening to Christmas Music the entire month of October I wouldn’t be so convinced that the Holiday’s are really here.  

*don’t tell T I said that*

Once again, God’s Word to me the last few days is making sense today. He is the Way. He knows The Plan. His Plan is the best plan. I am riding shot gun, not driving. Cling to His cloak.

Man, this is hard. Seriously…the last three years have been H-A-R-D.

But…loving Him has been easy.

See y’all tomorrow. Love you guys.

2 thoughts on “Speaking of cleaning…

  1. Girl, mobilize a team and tackle it with friends. Don't be afraid to ask for help girlfriend. I'd totally do it with you if I was at all remotely close. (got any frequent flyer miles?) 😉

    You'll get it done.
    Love you so much.

    (p.s. **whispering** I saw that.)

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