Since my mother-in-law passed away, it seems like all I do is clean. I really don’t mind. Except for the part where it looks like all I need to do is clean.

Stella can’t get her groove back in the keeping up department.

It reminds me of when all three of the children played multiple sports. Our home became a hotel where we dumped our dirty clothes and gear and grabbed a quick bite to eat either making it in our kitchen, and leaving a mess behind, or carrying it in, and leaving a big mess behind.

Hazel and Alice do not live here anymore, apparently.

Right now, our Fall/Halloween decorations are out and some Thanksgiving-ish/Christmas decorations are out.

Which means everything coming back out needs dusting and everything being put away needs dusting and nothin’ is gettin’ dustin’.

Top it off with “we expect your father-in-law to be moved in before the end of the year”…

The end of which year? THIS year?

It is seriously killing me.

In lieu of flowers, please send a maid.

Love you guys. See you tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “Cleaning.

  1. Aww…I wish I could come visit and clean for you. It's hard when you're in a whirlwind to worry about dust and clutter – and the dust and clutter takes advantage and builds like crazy.

  2. One minute at a time…you can only do what you can do, right? Although, I definitely don't think a cleaning lady is over rated! (Thinking about doing that myself in the fall when I start grad school! If grad school is harder than undergrad, my house will not last! ) 🙂 I love you. I love your voice! I've missed it!

  3. Jeni…cleaning someone else's home is always so much more fun!

    Hopefully this week I will get on top of it some. NOT today, though. Off to pick up FIL, go by cemetery, meet people for lunch, go to Green Springs (where FIL is moving to) to meet with “decorator” and then back to FIL's place to meet with the moving coordinator. Then running errands with Russell. Busy, Busy, Buys!

  4. T…we did have a cleaning lady years and years ago, in the midst of the multiple children/multiple sports days. Had to give her up…she couldn't clean around all the gear and junk 🙂

    Thank you for the encouragement…I've missed blogging, come to find out. And I guess it really just hasn't been the time yet to re-find my voice.

    Love you!


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