It is still Fall, right? The leaves are still red and orange and yellow and falling.

Fall, for me, is a new beginning. Even more so than a Monday, the first day of a month, or even January 1.

I realized, recently, that I am just biding my time; going with the flow; reactive; waiting for this “time” to be over; submissive to my circumstances.

I am not happy about it. I am not proud of it.

I am actually kind of sad about it.

So. Some change. Some new beginning.

And, because I am OCD, I am working on a list.

Which, of course, I will be sharing.

See y’all tomorrow. Love you guys!

2 thoughts on “Fall…

  1. It is fall. Praying your strength is renewed in this season–even if you're not feeling much, don't be led by your emotions-God is still speaking, and moving on your behalf.

    Love you.

    (My word verification is winginew) New wings. Restoration.

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