Slow Down…

Slow Down or I will force you to slow down and you will not like it.

I am just unable to grasp this entire obedience thing.

He has been talking to me about this for a few weeks…slowing down and what that means and looks like.

I have totally ignored Him.

There is so much to do! I’m falling behind at work and at home! I need to go through things and get rid of things NOW because I just can’t stand all this STUFF and I want to decorate and I want to redo some of our antique and vintage pieces and the Holidays are coming and…and…and…and…

And I know better. When I am stressed and anxious and over doing it and not taking care of myself I can count on several things happening:

:: My Man and I are no longer on the same wave length
:: My children irritate me
:: People in general irritate me
:: I stop communicating with Him
:: I begin to shut myself off from everyone
:: I eat horribly and don’t exercise
:: I don’t sleep
:: Finally, my body shuts down…every joint and muscle hurts and aches and I am so fatigued I can barely move

This week…I can pretty much put a check mark by all of those things and circle and underline the last one.

When am I going to learn?

An advantage to working in a church is that I can head into the Sanctuary, close the doors and seek Him out. And He always answers me.

A few moments ago, I did just that and He responded so wonderfully:

It’s time to slow down, Susan. Turn the anxiety, the to do list, the fears, the anger, the bitterness…all of it, over to Me. Rely solely on Me. I am All you truly have. I am All you need. Then the healing will come.

Because I’m a brat, I always ask Him this: “Why, Lord? Why do allow me to be so disobedient and then when I come crawling back begging Your forgiveness…pleading for another chance…You give them to me. Why?”

In rapid succession all of these wonderful Scriptures began flooding my heart. Promises of who I am and Who He Is.

Already my heart is slowing…my mind no longer racing…my to do list fading. Peace. Warmth. Comfort. Love.


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