Christmas Eve Eve Day.

Happy December 23~

I can NOT believe how time has flown! 2010 has been wicked. Wicked good. Wicked crazy. Wicked bad. Wicked blessed.

Already looking ahead to 2011. Wanting to make some changes…not resolutions. Resolutions = failure in my book.

One thing I have really tried to focus on and make a new habit/mind-set, is thankfulness. December has been all about being grateful.

Two Thousand Eleven is going to be interesting. I turn 50 this year. FIFTY! Half a century. (Is it just me or does “century” sound like a zillion years?)

In the year 2011, I will be married 28 years. (just had to stop and recount cuz that just seems like 4-ever!) Yes…28 years. Shawn, our oldest, will turn 21. Sarah, My Girl, turns 20. The Wild Boy, aka The Brettster, turns 15.

All of these numbers make me smile. (except that daggone FIFTY number.)

Actually, even the ginormous 5-0 is making me smile. Laugh, really. In a high-hysterical-unable-to-stop kind of way. Fifty. A milestone.

Fifty is going to be my aliyah.

I plan on blogging more during my 50th year on Earth. Some upcoming topics include:

:: 50 on turning 50
:: Scripture memorization with all my Siestas
:: More Him…less me
:: Photos…lots more photos (it is seriously time to really learn how to use this digital Nikon of ours and utilize our iMac and Photoshop
:: Recipes (probably mostly baking)
:: Decorating (as in…get my house together, finally)

So. I’m looking forward to 2011. I am so thankful and grateful for you to come along with me.

Love ya,

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