A Glimpse at my morning.

Let’s see. It is 9:13 and I am the only one up and have been for about an hour and a half.

I love that.

Tux greets me, whiskers to face, every morning when I first awaken and leads me down the stairs to the fridge where his morning treat is waiting. Animals are such creatures of habit. He will eat his treat, wait while I fill up his other bowl with regular dry food and will take about 3 bites of that before heading to the couch for an after meal snooz.

The dogs wait patiently (or not so, depending on the day) for their turn of being let out and then back in again. Even the puppy knows to come in and sit quietly by the treat jar. They both settle right back into their spots in the kitchen.

With coffee in hand, I head to the living room to check in with all my online peeps and then settle in with my Quiet Time.

Every morning I battle with the frustration of my house not being where I want it to be…not as clean as I would like, not “decorated” as I would like. My frustration is a powerful distraction to my Quiet Time. And I think that is on purpose. His Purpose, to be exact. While I would prefer no distractions, no pulling for my attention and heart, that is NOT the way of this world we live in. Why would it be different for my Time with Him?

I talked with Him about it this morning. One day, I will have the time and focus for a clean home, decorated the way I envision.

That will be a sad day, indeed.

The distractions and pulls that keep me from a spotless home with everything in its place, are the people and things I hold most dearly…my children, my husband, friends, places I want to be.

After thanking Him for that reminder, lol, I was able to once again turn my attention to Him.

Clearly, I have completed my Quiet Time this morning and felt led to write on my blog. The boys are still asleep. My Girl, who abruptly moved back home on Thursday, spent the night back at Daniel’s last night because they were going to have a Sons of Anarchy marathon.

As you can imagine, I have lots to say on this new development. But for now, I am keeping my thoughts and my heart pretty close in and only talking with Him about it. And My Man, of course.

I want to thank you, my three faithful readers, for your prayers and calls and tweets and messages. I am thankful for each of you and thankful to Him that He has so blessed me.

Love you guys.

6 thoughts on “A Glimpse at my morning.

  1. Maybe you have four readers! πŸ˜‰

    This is so true, thanks for the reminder, as I sit looking at our own mess, and mountain of laundry! Yet, two more football games to go until we start the madness all over again! πŸ™‚

    Love you, and I'm still reading even if I'm not texting or calling!


  2. Or five…

    Love this glimpse into your morning. Love you.

    And think our kitty cats would be friends. Joey and Tux sound like two peas in a pod, or cats in a cradle as it were.

    And love too the reminder that every choice we make, every relationship we have has consequences. Good, bad–but consequences. And it helps to see some things as an outcome of those choices we made gladly.

    Often I forget that I chose something which led to this other thing I'm tempted to complain about, to bemoan.

    There's power and some attitude adjustment (HATE that phrase–makes me feel 12!) in remembering the choices I've made.



  3. T…I know you love me and are there. We are all in such a busy time right now. I pray for you and for all My Girlz but don't always convey that message to you/them. We sat on our back porch last night with neighbors/friends who have six children at home, ages 17-3. We talked about how busy we all are…we are just as busy, but in different ways. They couldn't see it for all their busyness, lol. I WILL miss the busyness of the kids…I miss the busyness of Sarah's year round volleyball playing and Shawn's baseball playing. Thankfully, my talk with God this morning has calmed my heart and my anxiousness about the fact that White Glove Nana arrives on Monday. She is just going to have to deal with the reality, lol.

  4. Joanne…the whole “every choice has a consequence” thing is REALLY in my face these days. Mostly with regard to Sarah, but also with my own choices and actions over the years. It can become a wicked cycle, if I let it.

    So instead of crawling back into my hole (or bed, actually) I force myself to get up every morning and confront those consequences head on. Ugh.

    Enjoy the weekend with Miss A!


  5. Man, I wish we could go out for coffee. I'm glad you're focusing on Quiet Time. I had visions of being able to make it a priority every day on our vacation – HA.

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