Having recently heard that the careless and hurtful remarks of a church member led to the decision of one family to not join our church and being reminded of another incident where long time members left our church due to careless remarks, has me thinking a lot about the words I speak.

The last few months has had me working through the study, Conversation Peace, by Mary Kassian. The one thing that has really stuck with me from this study is that my words begin with my thoughts and my thoughts begin with the condition of my heart.

I grew up hearing my mother say, “This is the way I am. I can’t change the way I am.”

Ummm, yeah. About that. The Bible is all about how we must change and be changed, Mom.

But for the longest time, I subscribed to this logic. Let’s face it. It’s easier. Nothing required of me.

It’s easier to not microscope the condition of my heart. To just go with it. To say, “this is just who and what I am.” To say whatever pops into my head and out of my mouth. I did that for a long, long time and, sadly, still often speak without thinking.

I am trying to change that. First, by saturating my heart and my mind with His word. Second, by training my head to recognize the thought patterns that lead to a hardening of my heart and to turn those thoughts around. Third, by stopping and thinking about what I am going to say before I say it.

As I contemplated on all of this today, I asked God to forgive me for any and all hurtful things I have said, to my family, friends, strangers and asked Him to put a guard on my thoughts and my mouth.

I feel changed already.



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