Reading the Bible all the way through this year and my book addiction with a little cancer hatred thrown in for good measure.

Just a quick post today.

Did I mention I am reading the Bible all the way through this year? I am. I am loving it. Even the genealogies. I love that the genealogy of Jesus only mentions a five women. Women that I LOVE to read about and will continue to study. I am doing this reading plan:

Discipleship Journal’s One Year Plan

First thing this morning I took the oldest child to the ER. His bronchitis just has not gotten any better after being on antibiotics for 6 days. I was concerned about pneumonia. In under an hour, we got in, he had a chest x-ray, we saw the doc, got two prescriptions, checked-out and we were driving away. This is all due to a New Year’s Miracle. I had my Prayer Warriors on it since dawn and not only did they come through…He came through. There was not a single person in the waiting room when we walked in and the nurses were standing around enjoying some down time.
We dropped his prescriptions off at my new favorite place to shop: The Walgreen’s and headed to the Starbucks for a coffee and to wait on a local joint to open so we could have breakfast. It was all delicious.

On the way out of Walgreen’s with prescriptions and party gift in hand we ran into a friend of ours. The dad of one of Sarah’s volleyball teammates, both high school and club teams. We knew that he had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer and that it was treatable for a time, but not curable. His appearance was shocking to us. We talked about stuff for a few minutes and then I mentioned his health. He was very appreciative that I brought it up and he was very candid about his prognosis. Right now, he feels good and it is being managed. It was, upon reflection, a teachable moment for my oldest child, who is already a loving and compassionate young man. I did what I do…I expressed my concern, my sorrow, my hatred for cancer. I reached out and touched his arm and told him that I was praying for him; that we were praying for him. I am fairly certain they are not church attenders and most likely not believers. That increases my sorrow. I will pray for him and I will now drop him an occassional note reminding him that I am praying for him.

I hate cancer. I hate cancer. I hate cancer.

My mother-in-love, Kaye, is having surgery tomorrow for breast cancer. As of right now, however, her cancer is considered “curable.” She is the primary caretaker of my father-in-law, who does require 24/7 “care”…if only just having someone in the house. Tomorrow we will spend the day at Potomac Hospital, my husband and I, and I covet your prayers that Kaye’s surgery goes well and that the cancer is indeed contained.

My book addiction…seriously, it is an illness. So many books I have forgotten I even have. I have one more book coming that I ordered from and after it arrives, I am not buying another book for myself for the rest of the year. Other than bible study member books. I expect y’all to hold me accountable. K? Thanks!

Okay, the kitchen is a huge disaster and I have slowly been working on it all day.

Hugs. And Blessings.


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