A Contest/give-away.

So. My bff Fran had the MOST fun giveaway eveh. You can read all about it here.

I’m totally copying her cool idea. (with her permission)

I’m giving away this. I’ve started reading a copy but Joanne’s fab-o publicist sent me a review/give-away copy. You can win it.

But you have to make me laugh. Like snorting snot kinda laughing. I know you can do it.

So, post a comment to this post and when the word verification thing comes up

(totally copied this from Fran’s post)

copy the word to your comment AND give me the correct pronunciation of your “word” AND a definition AND use it in a sentence.

I’ll leave this open until midnight Friday. Saturday I’ll announce the big winner.

In the meantime, join me in reading the comments and hopefully…snorting a whole lotta snot.

Let the games begin.

25 thoughts on “A Contest/give-away.

  1. Ok..this is my word…I’m not making this up“Nosepap” Pronounced just like it reads.I need to get my yearly nosepap to make sure all is well in there.Not the funniest but the best I can do.

  2. I’m in! My word is “rantsi” Rantsi — these are underwear for the older, more mature, but still wild party girl. It’s more than a thong but less than a panty — it’s a RANTSI. Hot date with the hubs tonight, gotta break out the black lace rantsi.

  3. Garig Pronounced GAY RIGDefinition: flashy, outrageous, beyond garish. I love me some bling, but the Pink Haired Lady on TBN is just too garig for my taste.

  4. THIS IS THE FUNNIEST IDEA EVER! Love it!My word is “Mistong”Mistong- a tong like apperatice used by the said “more mature-party girls” to help dislodge the “Rantsi” in the case that it rides too high.Hit pause on the hot date with the hubs, gotta sneak in the ladies room and dislodge my rantsi using my mistong.

  5. puroll – an especially uplifting tune of the Worship nature on Sunday mornin in the deep south. In it’s most intense form, likely to cause members of the congregation to roll around in their respective pews.“Hoo-ey! That dere was some good church! And that last song, were’nt it a puroller?!”

  6. My word is “intabra”Definition: Female contraption that holds miscellaneous items, such as chapstick, cash, and cell phone when there is no purse available. Usually used by drunk co-eds while clubbing.Sentence: OMG, wherrrreeee did I put my cellll phone? Oh yeahhhh, it’s intabra.

  7. Word: “carachiy”Definition: The latest entertainment craze, a mix of mariachi and karaoke.Sentence: That sure was fun! We ought to do carachiy more often!

  8. Rooring – What Scooby Doo and Astro do when they see a foxy pooch of the female persuasion“Rey Raggy, ree that retty ruppy? Ri’m rooring rher, roh res Ri ram!!”

  9. inestr – What a boastful bird says to his buddies in the locker room the morning after.“See that chick over there, yeah, inestr! Oh yes I did!”

  10. Word: betightaDefinition: What happens to clothing after consuming vast amounts of french fries and zebra cakes.Sentence: Wha?! I can’t believe these pants don’t fit me, they were fine yesterday, now they betighta.

  11. Word: flatosesDefinition: What happens after breast implants are removed.Sentence: Catty Woman #1-Geeze, did you <>see<> her?? What happened?? Catty Woman #2-Oh, nothing <>happened<> to her, she’s just suffering from flatoses.

  12. word: nuacia (knew-I-see-ya)I knew I see ya the other day.(I am so not good at this, it is something much better suited to Jen, except Teri has come up with some really good ones.)

  13. bosison (pronounces bo-season)- The time frame between Christmas Break and Summer Break when all young girls of high school age are looking for promdates (aka beaus).“Tiffany, check the calander, we’re running outta time to find ourselves a beau … we best get busy, this is bosison ya know!”(I was gonna say something about a bodacious female bison, but could not come up with anything as good as ponis!!)

  14. prolow – the stance of certain polititians who continuously take the less than stellar alternative when making decisions regarding their constituants (AKA as avoiding th ehigh road and opting for the low road instead).Most of the Detroit City Governing board are prolow.(OK, I know at least Teri thought that was funny)

  15. uninipel – The rare condition in which mamo glands are diminished and the patient, consequently, is born with one or no breast.That poor girl only has one boobie, she is a uninipel. I hear it runs in her family, her daddy was a unOnipel!!!!

  16. Shedi“You gonna shedi that coat right off just as soon as you enter this house!!!! I worked all day at cleaning this mess up!”

  17. Rubhewa“Rub Hi’wa”A command that can be used when someone is massaging your back, but is just not getting it right.“Jan was admiring the muscles of her client as she massaged his back, but her daydreams kept getting interrupted by his rough commands of ‘Rubhewa!'”

  18. Oh, I must try this because I missed out on Fran’s!arliedPronounced ar as in “are” and lied as in well…”lied”Past tense of “arlie” which means to lie very early in the morning.That boy of mine wasn’t even out of bed before he arlied!Oh well….I tried!

  19. lessessPronounced – lessess ?Meaning – lesser than less“The economy is so bad my money is worth even lessess than it used to be.”And at this rate we’ll have to come up with a word that means lesser than lesser than less…which of course will be lessessess.

  20. Okay,now I can’t stop.Coute (Hauture)Meaning – The Walmart version of Haute Couture.“Now Edna, while we’re here in the big city, I gots to get me one of them there Coute Hauture purses from Walmart.

  21. Susan, I lost your e-mail. Maybe I needed to come here for a good laugh, right? Just wanted you to know that your comment meant a whole lot to me. Thanks so much!My word verification is:chopeprounounced see-hopeI see Hope in your words.How’s that for a new spiritual word?

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