Picking up a couple of bff’s…

And heading to the Beth Moore Simulcast! Woo-hoo! We are stoked! Okay, I’ve never used that word before. Ever. So I must be excited!

Will catch up with you tomorrow afternoon because I KNOW Beth has a Word specifically for me from Him. I can’t wait. Unless of course it means more change. Than I’m not as excited. In fact…well, let’s see how it all plays out, ‘kay?

Seriously…change is good….deep breath….change is good…not so shaky this time…change is Good!

Later, dudes

3 thoughts on “Picking up a couple of bff’s…

  1. Hey Susan! Sorry I have been so MIA. How are you? Those strawberries look so yummy! So sorry to hear about your friend moving away. And so wish I was going with you to see Beth Moore!


  2. I know you are going to have a marvelous time at Beth Moore. Thanks for the text this morning about the music…Missing you, my friend.Catch up with you later.


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