To all who reside and drive in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area.

It’s finally happened.

Sarah has her license and is able to drive on her own.

May the Good Lord save us all.

7 thoughts on “Warning!

  1. Oh wow. Kicking up the prayer for you;)I just read a piece of flair from Facebook that said this:I’m not ADHD, I’m ADOS. Attention Deficit OHHHHHHH SHINEY!!!!I laughed! I hope we all, including the newest driver on the road, have less ADOS moments! (Only while driving of course…because honestly, I love shiny!)

  2. How exciting! I so remember getting my license–happy, happy day. Of course now when I think about how many years I’ve been driving and how long ago that was, I just feel old. So I’m going to stop thinking about it and go back to pretending that I’m 17. Which is my answer when any of my kid’s friends ask how old I am.J.

  3. Susan,I have a teenage daughter as well so I know what you are going through right now. I find there is only one thing to do when she walks out the door… PRAY!I also just read your post from yesterday. Psalm 103 is special to me too. I’ve gone back to it many times. He has redeemed my life from the pit and for that I am SO thankful. Sometimes we just have to get in a place where we wrestle it out with Him. Thanks for being so honest.

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