So, Who Knew?

My total gripe post yesterday made me totally better today! Who knew?

I took a couple of Advil PM last night. Wondering why I hadn’t thought of it earlier. Because they’ve been in my bathroom cabinet for awhile. About an hour after I took them, I remembered why…I have serious reactions to all things that ease pain (codeine-ish) and/or help you to sleep. Serious as in…I said goodbye to my family when I went to bed because I was sure I wouldn’t wake up. Ever.

Remaining Advil PM’s…well…let’s just say they’ve joined our deceased fish aka The Flushables.

2 thoughts on “So, Who Knew?

  1. Glad you’re feeling better–and had a good, solid night of sleep.I’ve not been sleeping so I think it’s time for the Tylenol PM. It works great, but makes me feel hungover in the morning. But after laying awake for most of the night, I think it’s a small price to pay.Happy Friday, friend!


  2. Susan,Remember that God brings and allows change so He can grow us, even when it hurts. I don’t like change either, only if I’m the one who is controlling it perhaps. If it brings me closer to Jesus however, it is worth it. Sounds like we have a couple things in common with our kids. Thanks for your post. No, I haven’t done a tour yet. Still completing some remodeling so stay “blogged”in!


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