Menu Planning Saturday.

An odd day to plan out next week’s menu, to be sure, but My Man offered to run to the grocery store if I put a list together. My eyes lit up and got moving to make up a menu for the week and then a list from that (give or take a few items that a child or spouse hollered out as needed or wanted).

So…here’s the plan, beginning with today:

Saturday: lunch meat for lunch (yes, I know it’s 1:15 but we all slept in…it was heavenly!). Dinner…no one is home tonight. Boys are off to work the Nissan concert (Rascal Flats), Sarah, Trey & Brett are going to see Batman. Again. And I’m going to see Mama Mia with my next door neighbor, Flo.

Sunday: Lunch out after church, hopefully with Jill., since it is their last day on the East Coast. Dinner will be london broil, baked taters and green beans.

Monday: Breakfast for dinner…eggs, bacon, biscuits, grits.

Tuesday: We’ll grab a bite out…we’re all going in different directions.

Wednesday: Last Church Family Gathering night for the summer. It’s pot luck at a friend’s house. I’m bringing Mamie’s Brownies and potato casserole.

Thursday: Leftovers and/or cereal. We LOVE cereal for dinner.

Friday: No one is home for dinner. I’ll be here. The rest of the family will be here.

Saturday: When I come home from here, we’re going to have a late lunch/early dinner. Russell is taking the kids here. I’ll be home alone (she says rubbing her hands together gleefully!).

That’s our week. It’s tuff to plan out our menus, but I am determined to do it. Don’t ask me how we’re going to do it once football practice starts every day and Sarah starts two-a-day volleyball practices. Oy.

4 thoughts on “Menu Planning Saturday.

  1. I LOVE breakfast for dinner. The other night we did breakfast burritos with breakfast potatoes cooked with lots of chopped onion. Mmmmmm…. Now I’m hungry!(Could be all that swimming–just got home from the pool. I LOVE summer!)And you!Joanne

  2. Ok…since you are home alone next Saturday, I’m coming over and taking you out to dinner…OH wait…I live in a different state. BUMMER.I love you and we need to plan a trip for you to come here. Fall colors are nice…

  3. Ooh you’re making me hungry!I am looking forward to when my crazy schedule of the next few weeks is over and I can start cooking again. 🙂 (TJ is a much better cook than I … but I plan to catch up. ;))

  4. (re: your comment on my blog): I know what you mean! We love how Baby B is just chillin’. 🙂 Looks like he’s in a hammock! (I feel like A is a girl and B is a boy … I really think he has Daddy’s nose! … but we’ll find out soon, I hope!) Praying they “cooperate” at the 16-week ultrasound!

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