We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for…a Meme.

That’s right, a Meme. Get over it. And yes…TAG you are IT.

Got this from Boo Mama’s blog.

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago I was 37 years old. Oh…Brett was two. I think I had just discovered that I was the oldest mom at his preschool. And then I was the oldest mom from his kindergarten class. I was working from home (yay), writing programs for the law firm I had been working for since 1988. Holy. Crap. Twenty years ago. It seems like just…fifteen.

Favorite Snacks
Dark chocolate covered almonds
California trail mix
Kettle chips
Red cherries
Cheese and crackers

Jobs I Have Had
Babysitter, vacuumed and cleaned a clothing store every morning before they opened one summer, ran the weight room on base (yes…I’m no dummy…I was a teenager and only young enlisted guys came in), bank teller (I quickly realized I was not created to work with The Public), law tech in an Army JAG office, legal assistant in a law firm, switched to computer programming work for same law firm (from home…yay), edited our preschool newsletter (it counts as a paid job cuz I got $$ off Brett’s tuition to do it), sold jewelry on ebay for a friend of ours (don’t ever work for a friend is my best advice), office manager/assistant to the pastor at our church, wife, mom and all THAT entails.

Oh, The Places I’ve Lived
Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Virginia, Nebraska, New York, Virginia, Turkey, Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, Virginia. In that order.

Bad Habits
Major procrastinator, anxiety-ridden-worrier, java junkie, tend to view things as half-empty vice half-full, lacking a bit in the trust area.

5 Random Things People May Not Know
1. Russell (my man) and I met when I was 15. And he was dating my best friend. And me. At the same time. Until I dumped him. She’s no longer a friend. What’s up with that?
2. My two oldest children are 11 months and 1 day apart. It was HIS fault.
3. I went to college pre-vet.

4. I love animals. All animals. Except snakes. And bugs.
5. I have a secret crush on Mark Harmon. Always have. Pretty sure I always will.

CDs I would want if stranded on an island
Any and all Travis Cottrell. Ditto for Journey. The Bible on CD.

What Iā€™d Do if I Won the Big One (the Lottery) or suddenly found myself a multi-millionaire
1. Put at least 10% in the tithing plate.
2 Make sure my children’s educations were completely paid for…thru graduate school.
3. Buy my husband this car:

4. Buy that land on the lake and build that house we want.
5. Help out any of our family members that need it.
None of this necessarily in any order, other than #1.

Okay, that’s the Meme. You’re it. And you know who you are…

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