Photos and Life.

We attended a wedding on Saturday. It was one of the most fun weddings ever! There was a lot of laughter and a few mistakes and it was all good, sweet and personable. Just like a wedding should be. During the wedding, Russell ran the sound system. I am an Event Widow. My spouse is always running sound. Or DJing. Or running the video. Or something. Saturday was no exception. I’m used to sitting by myself.

The wedding was at 1:00. The reception following was around 2:00. Then we all went home for an hour or so and then headed to the wedding dinner at a totally different location. It was very cool. It was on the Occoquan River. The food was delicious. Some folks (other than the bridal party) changed clothes. My husband was the DJ (although he did sit with me to eat dinner) and he had changed to a comfy and cool shirt. Here are two pics.

Russell dancing with Sarah

Sarah and Brett

Sarah and I talked all during the wedding and the reception about different thoughts and ideas for her EVENTUAL-LONG-TIME-FROM-NOW wedding. It was fun to toss ideas around. In a scary sorta way.

Speaking of which. We’ll be seeing more of Trey this year. He’s not going back to Old Dominion for the Fall session. His dad was not happy with his grades during his freshman year. His dad was not happy with his summer grades. So…he’s taking the Fall session off. He’s going to work and take some classes at the local community college. The Commonwealth of Virginia has an amazing community college system. I think My Girl will be doing that for at least her first year. I’m already lecturing (in a loving, calm way although I’m totally freaked out about it) to both Trey and Sarah that Trey needs to go back to school and get a degree. In something. Anything. Sarah needs to focus on her senior year, get good grades and then go on to college. I don’t care in the least if she wants to go to junior college…just do something. And, Lord have mercy, do not tell me you are getting married anytime soon.

Like for at least five years.

Yes. Yes, I know…God is in control. He’s got it. I totally believe that. I don’t, however, believe that Sarah and Trey have it under control! Seriously…the entire free will thing…scares me. Big time.

I know I haven’t posted any graduation pictures. It’s because I have an attitude about it. No need to go into detail. Just know that I will eventually get over it and go through the grad pics, clean them up and post some here.

Did I mention I’m struggling with some things? Totally am. But it’s okay. I’m talking to Him about it. He has me thirsting for Him, hungry for His Word, aching to be filled. It’s all good.

Chat soon…

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  1. Susan,Thanks for visiting me. It’s nice to meet you! As I’m scrolling through your blog I see we have a lot of things in common. I must say that I might join you in being a Travis Cottrell groupie! I love his music and his passion to truly worship. I’ve attended several of Beth Moore’s conferences and have done most of her studies. I always come away changed and my faith goes to an entirely new level. Do you have any favorite studies? I hope we can talk again. Blessings!

  2. Love the picture of Daddy and Sarah.I can’t get over how tall Brett is…he has passed me! Jakob isn’t far behind (I doubt he will be as tall as Brett).Looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.Love you

  3. Beautiful pix. I love your heart because I can see myself freaking out like this in a few short years.Its just too dang scary! I love it when you said that you are “talking to Him” about it.Hang in there Susan. I need you to write a book about what to do in life! 🙂Hugs,Fran

  4. When a battle ensues in my heart, it’s a good thing cause He’s won the whole battle and you are going to come up on the best side of it. Love your heart, tender as ever.

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