We reap what we sow.

And sometimes that is death.

This is the true story of a man who lived a relatively short life. He was 55 when he passed away last month. I don’t pretend to know this man’s heart or where he was with God. I am not judging him. All I know is what I observed over the last 10 years and what I believe God has laid on my heart about this man’s story.

His name was David. He was married at an early age. He and his wife were both very successful in their chosen fields. They had two beautiful children together. They were married for over 20 years. His wife was able to be a stay-at-home mom once their children arrived. They had several homes. One locally, one on the Outer Banks and, rumor has it, a mountain retreat.

None of this was, apparently, enough for David.

He soon hired a pretty, outgoing, fun-loving woman to run his office. She was also married. To a military man. They had three beautiful children, all younger than David’s children.

None of this was, apparently, enough for Gail.

Soon, David and Gail began having an affair. It was no secret to anyone around them. It was quite obvious what was going on.

Before long, Gail had taken her children and left her military man.

And shortly thereafter, David moved out of his home, leaving behind his wife and their children. One child, their son was still in high school. Their oldest, a daughter, was away at college.

But not away from the pain. Or the hurt. Which was massive.

Shortly after giving up his homes, wife and family, David and Gail were married.

They were so happy together! The office was filled with the sounds of their joy. Their laughter. Their contentment.

For awhile.

Until David had a nervous breakdown.

The charade was too much of a strain. The apparent happiness, the outward joy, was too difficult to maintain.

The business had to be sold. Gail continued to run the office, but with another boss in charge.

David recovered in the hospital and then at home.

With his new best friend.

Numbing the nightmares, the regret, the guilt…alcohol soon consumed him.

After his actions killed his marriage, the trust and love of his children, the respect of his co-workers and friends, David allowed bitterness and alcohol to become his newest, and last idols.

And they, in turn, killed him.

2 thoughts on “We reap what we sow.

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! Yep. Life is better with few around…those only closest to you…those you completely trust…and keep it simple….no hoopla…it just makes a mess.

  2. A sad and terrible story, but all too common in our world. Help us Lord to help the hurting and lost. Even those who don’t know they are hurting or lost…yet.

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