Apparently, I am the Coolest Mom. Ever.

According to our 27 year old computer tech, that is.

Probably not so much according to my own, beloved darlings.

The computer techie popped in with my office CPU…brand new hard drive installed and operational.

Thank You Jesus, we switched to a server and networking awhile ago, so everything (almost) was safe.

So, as Mark was getting my life back together hooking my computer back up, he observed me 1) texting with my daughter. Repeatedly. Yes…she was at school. Yes…she was in class. No…they are not allowed to text during class. And, 2) talking on my cell phone with my oldest son.

Mark only heard my end of the conversation, of course, but basically, Shawn was trying to convince me to let him do something I had already decided to let him do, but was stringing him along a bit.

I do that sometimes.

Just to let him know I’m not that easy.

And, after a few motherly words of advice such as, “no drugs, alcohol or racing” and “don’t tease PJ…he can’t help it,” I hung up.

Mark was looking at me and said, “you are the coolest mom ever.”

Why, thank you, young man.

He went on to say that his mom…not so cool when he was a teenager. His parents had divorced when he was 2 and when he was 13 he decided to push the envelope a bit, get into a spot of trouble and move in with his dad who apparently WAS cool.

We talked a bit about different things…parenting and why his mom possibly hadn’t been so cool and why his dad possibly was more cool and why I try to recognize when to be cool and when not to be.

Just my way of imparting a bit of parenting wisdom on a living-with-his-girlfriend-life-is-good- and-he-has-no-clue-about-reality 27 year old young man.

Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Apparently, I am the Coolest Mom. Ever.

  1. I have been telling you that for a year now. YOU ARE TOTALLY COOL!Yes.You.Are.Our own kids do not see our cool-ness. Maybe yours do since they are a bit older than mine…although, my oldest son is getting there. When I got my nose pierced he woulden’t look at my face for literally two days. He got used to it though, I mean, when he got good and hungry! (I kid.)I love ya Susan…you are RAD in my book!

  2. I like what Teri said…Our kids don’t see our cool-ness! And..we really need to know when to be cool and when not to be cool!Ha! Thats true.

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