It’s Not all Glam and Glory…

Lest you think a day at the volleyball tournament is all about glamour, guts and glory…here is A Day in the Life of a Volleyball Tournament (except for the tournament where a player on the opposing team totally blew out her ankle…blood, bone & all…sorry, no pics of that!)

Our tourney days always begin with two stops:

At the Tournament:

Hair Styles are important.

Spending time with bff’s…very important.

Dancing with the Volleyball Stars.

The Parents.

Focus on the game…or thinking about The New Boyfriend???

Lots of down time = lots of food.

Getting pumped to play.

Sitting on the bench has some pluses…chat time.

But the real fun is playing.

Jump serve: The Toss.

Jump serve: The Approach.

Jump serve: The Wind-up.

Jump serve: The Ace.


Getting a medal is the goal.

Taking Silver is okay, too.

Doing it all over again next weekend…

3 thoughts on “It’s Not all Glam and Glory…

  1. Sweet. Sarah looks like she rocks the serve. You can tell she loves the game!Teams are SO good for kids! You are the best VB mom!

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