It’s Not all Glam and Glory…

Lest you think a day at the volleyball tournament is all about glamour, guts and glory…here is A Day in the Life of a Volleyball Tournament (except for the tournament where a player on the opposing team totally blew out her ankle…blood, bone & all…sorry, no pics of that!)

Our tourney days always begin with two stops:

At the Tournament:

Hair Styles are important.

Spending time with bff’s…very important.

Dancing with the Volleyball Stars.

The Parents.

Focus on the game…or thinking about The New Boyfriend???

Lots of down time = lots of food.

Getting pumped to play.

Sitting on the bench has some pluses…chat time.

But the real fun is playing.

Jump serve: The Toss.

Jump serve: The Approach.

Jump serve: The Wind-up.

Jump serve: The Ace.


Getting a medal is the goal.

Taking Silver is okay, too.

Doing it all over again next weekend…

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